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Mary Wagner: "Thank-you for making this fragrant offering to Our Lord" ~ A letter of gratitude for those who prayed the Rosary for the unborn

Jane Wagner's Roses for Mary
Feb 22, 2015
Chair of St. Peter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings in the peace of Christ, in the love of the One who is our peace (Eph 2:14). 

This opportunity has been given to me by Jack to thank the many of you who promised to pray a Rosary for our unborn brothers and sisters which, on my birthday, permitted us to pray together for these forgotten ones. Thank-you so much for making this fragrant offering to Our Lord! It is most appropriate that we, who can celebrate our birthdays, take time to intercede for those who may be denied their very first. God bless you!

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have written me since I came back to Vanier. The volumes of letters, cards and postcards has been amazing! A special thank-you to all the Poles, as most of the mail I receive has been coming from Poland. 

I really wish I would be able to reply to everyone who has taken time to send their thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement. Please forgive me if I do no reply. I think that even if I spent most of the day writing letters, I still would not be able to keep up! There is also another reason; sometimes the return address is removed before I receive the letter/card. Each item of mail is opened twice before I receive it, and staff are instructed to remove all address labels (we are not allowed "sticky" material), so sometimes I do not have an address to reply to. Sometimes the addresses are removed when staff opens the envelope, as they tear away part of it. If you would like me to reply, please let me know and please leave your address (not email address) on the letter or card itself. Thank-you !

Please continue to pray for me and I will also keep praying for you. Let us keep our gaze fixed on Christ, specially as we live this holy season of Lent; may the love which led Our Saviour to humble Himself for our sake inflame our hearts so that we would allow Him to live and love in us as it most pleases Him. May Our Lady help us. 

God bless you,

Mary Wagner

"In the world you will have trouble
but take courage; 
I have overcome the world"
St. John 16:33

This letter is published exclusively for Toronto Catholic Witness with the kind and gracious permission of Mary Wagner. This letter is not to be copied, translated or reproduced - either in whole or in part - without the express permission of Mary Wagner. 

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