Monday, 16 February 2015

Pieta ~ The Queen of Martyrs was with the North African Martyrs

"And a sword will pierce even your own soul ... " (St. Luke 2:35)


The Church has always taught that Mary was a martyr, and the greatest of Martyrs, the Queen of Martyrs. Her greatest act of love was not only in allowing her heart and soul to be pierced with sorrow, but her witness at the Foot of the Cross. Her life was one, never-ending and unfolding of the Love of God in her immaculate Heart, her spotless soul. 

Where was Our Lord on that beach in Libya? He was being "beheaded" along with the martyrs; He was on their Cross. They were not alone. A Christian is never alone. 

Where was Our Lady? She was at the foot of their crosses, Her heart again pierced with sorrow, overflowing with love. A Christian always has Our Lady close. 

St. Alphonsus wrote: 

But here Saint Bonaventure, addressing this Blessed Virgin, says, "And why, O Lady, didst thou also go to sacrifice thyself on Calvary? Was not a crucified God sufficient to redeem us, that thou, His Mother, wouldst also go to be crucified with Him?" Indeed, the death of Jesus was more than enough to save the world, and an infinity of worlds; but this good Mother, for the love she bore us, wished also to help the cause of our salvation with the merits of her sufferings, which she offered for us on Calvary. Therefore, Blessed Albert the Great says, "that as we are under great obligations to Jesus for His Passion endured for our love, so also are we under great obligations to Mary, for the martyrdom which she voluntarily suffered for our salvation in the death of her Son." 

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