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Saturday, 21 April 2018

St. Anthony's Shrine "LGBT" Ministry promoting homosexual activity?

"Be who you are, love who you love", is the slogan of St. Anthony Shrine and Ministry Center - LGBT Spirituality". 

The Catholic Church has, for 2000 years, taught that homosexual activity is always, and everywhere, objectively gravely sinful. Homosexual acts are condemned in Sacred Scripture as one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Moses, St. Paul, St. Jude, the Church Fathers are of one voice regarding this terrible sin against the Triune God. A sin, which St. John Chrysostom described as "hell appearing before its time". 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church identifies homosexual inclinations as intrinsically disordered [2357]. The issue - raised by dissenters - to remove "intrinsically disordered" is very serious.  Indeed, if homosexual inclinations are not intrinsically disordered, how can homosexual activity always, and everywhere be "grave sins against chastity", as the Catechism teaches? The dissenters are very well aware that if "intrinsically disordered" is removed, the Church can no longer teach that homosexual practices are always grave sins against chastity [2396].  The door would therefore be opened to situational ethics - which is already proposed by these dissenters - that argues  homosexual practices are acceptable under certain circumstances. 

One such organization that consistently and openly promotes such dissent on homosexuality is the Franciscan, "Holy Name Province". This province runs a number of "LGBT" ministries that promotes "gay" culture, rather than chastity. Readers can research the misleading ministries run by Holy Name Province, on the excellent website of Joseph Sciambra.  

Prayer Service and guest "homilist" at LGBTQ event
was a practicing homosexual, John McDargh 

A case in point that typifies Holy Name Province dissent on homosexuality is its "St. Anthony's Shrine - LGBT ministry". John McDargh (who teaches theology at the Jesuit-run, Boston College) is an openly practicing homosexual with a "partner", Tim Dunn (whom he "married" in 2004 at an Anglican church). McDargh was invited on the weekend of March 17, 2018 to present at a "Lenten Prayer Service" and then to "preach" at Mass. McDargh and Dunn even adopted a little Russian boy, Sasha (please pray for this boy).

Just what did McDargh present? Why would St. Anthony's Shrine invite him? These are some of the questions we must ask. 


If you are trapped in same-sex attraction, please seek out a faithful Catholic priest, through the wonderful, Church-approved group, Courage. 

For further information about same-sex attraction please, visit the excellent website of Joseph Sciambra.  


john haggerty said...

An excellent post, wise and sensitive.

Christians whether Catholic or Reformed, have become very isolated because of this one issue.
The 'whole of the culture' (as they say on television) has turned against us.
Radically so.

There are scores of YouTube videos reviling 'anti-gay Christians'.
American, Irish, Australian and British videos.
They mock and deride the Bible and Jesus Christ, the very foundation on which Western Civilization was built.
Some videos are so anti-Christian that they would have delighted Aleister Crowley.

Andrew Breitbart says that the 'gay left' in the entertainments industry set out to name and ridicule anyone who failed to support the campaign for gay marriage.
Those 'outed' and ridiculed included many black and Hispanic people who had contributed as little as 100 dollars to the 'don't change marriage' movement.
(See, The Politics of Hollywood with Andrew Breitbart: YouTube.)

If those in the Catholic and Reformed Church compromise the truth about the sacramental nature of marriage (between a man and woman) then we are signing the death certificate of Christianity.

Well-meaning Episcopalians, Methodists, liberal Baptists and even Evangelicals have already signed away the covenant of marriage between a man and woman; a sacred union that reflects Christ's covenant with His church.

I call them well-meaning because they wish to be charitable.
But their charity is not founded on the rock of Christ.

The question still haunts.

Why is the non-Christian world so obsessed with homosexuality?
Is it a symptom of the West's decline?
Does it reflect the sterility of post-Christian culture?
Does it reflect the contraceptive mentality that sees sex as a right?

Here in Scotland nearly everyone supports the Gay Agenda including the ultra-liberal Church of Scotland and the ultra-progressive Episcopalian Church.
Biblical street preachers are howled down by the public and detained by the police.

The former president of Ireland, Mrs McAleese, voted for same-sex marriage along with her 84-year-old mother.
There is talk that the British Government could pass a law making it mandatory for all churches to employ a gay or transgender person.
Some believe that the age of consent will be lowered.
All across Europe children in junior school are taught about homosexual acts.

Maybe all this is just a passing phase.
A generation comes to an end when its illusions come to an end.

This generation believes it can reconstruct familial and personal relationships in any way it likes.
There are no checks, no restraints, no informed research about where we are going.

One hundred years ago Pope Pius X predicted that all memory of God would disappear from our social institutions. He saw it coming.

My school was named after him.

john haggerty said...

Please watch on YouTube:

The Vortex - The Catholic Gay Civil War (September 17, 2017) from Church Militant.

I had not watched this vlodcast before writing my above comment, but it confirms my worst fears.
Catholicism in the United States is in a state of rapid moral decay; and many of the hierarchy and clergy are at the rotten heart of this Anti-Church.
Homosexual Jesuits are betraying their vocation; and Pope Francis remains silent about the manifold sins and heresies of this dark sub-culture.

Michael Voris is a prophet, and is hated and reviled as such. He is the Number One Target in all the decadent, pseudo-Catholic blogs.

If Pope Francis came out and supported Church Militant - as Pope Pius XII would have done - then we would have a Church that is not afraid to confront the world in all its wrong thinking.
G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc were prepared to take such a stance, and so is Mr. Voris.

Let's stand together with him, in the company of all the angels and saints.