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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Bishop Douglas Crosby and the CCCB: Irrelevant and incompetent Modernists

It has been four days since the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) has uploaded a video by Bishop Crosby of Hamilton with his "Christmas Message". No one is watching. The CCCB,  as a social media for evangelization is irrelevant. Promotion on the equally irrelevant and failed Salt and Light TV has not helped. As of this morning, Crosby has had 350 some odd views. Crosby drones on for about three and one-half minutes before he finally mentions Our Lord Jesus Christ. But who will wait for three plus minutes? Why is Our Lord buried at the back? Why are they so ashamed of Him? Christmas is about the Word made Flesh; the only Name under Heaven by which we are saved. 

But this is Crosby, the man whose Diocese runs a near non-existent prison ministry all the while droning on about how "goodness abounds". If it does, there are many who are not privy to this "goodness".  

But no "heart to heart" with the long-suffering Catholics of the diocese:
 the poor, the prisoner, the abandoned.... 


Luciano said...

You are speaking about my diocese and my bishop and unfortunately you are right. I had written to him last year about Mary Wagner's case and guess what no response. I think I have written to him about 6 times on various and have never had the courtesy of a response.
My response; I have reduced by parish weekly donations, which means a little less money for the diocese, and am contributing that amount to the local pro life office.
The church of nice has time for everyone but faithful Catholics.

Unknown said...

Wow, you really nailed it with that post, for you have said exactly what so many of us are thinking.