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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons "suffering persecution... amid the shameful silence of so many"

"You will be hated by all because of my name,
but whoever endures to the end will be saved.”
(St. Matthew, 10:22)

Mary Wagner being escorted from an abortion killing factory
This morning when I read Pope Francis' Tweet: "let us pray for Christians suffering persecution, often amid the shameful silence of so many", how could I not think of our two sisters in Christ dwelling in Vanier? It is hard to believe that our country has become so morally sick that a person can actually be locked up for non-violently opposing, offering the gentlest alternative to abortion. But that is the country we live in. Naturally, we have heard not a peep from various "official" Catholic media which is in the clutches of chancery officials, who, in turn genuflect to the monied class. 

Linda Gibbons being arrested on September 2nd outside an abortion Mill
As I meditate on the Pope's words how can I not reflect on the shameful silence of the clergy. When was the last time you heard your parish priest speak about abortion? When was the last time your priest spoke about contraception; that those who use these means are in mortal sin and cannot go to Communion? Until the evil of contraception is defeated, abortion will stalk the world. Contraception is the fuel that stokes the abortion furnace. Behind all of this lurks the sin of lust, which drives the satanic cult of death. 

Have you heard prominent bishops or priests speak out about the persecution of Linda and Mary, or have they been buried in a "shameful silence"? Listen to your bishops and priests, but even more importantly watch them. A churchman may have the skill to talk the talk (especially when it comes time to dig for money); but most importantly watch what he does. 

Edward Beck with his pro-abortion, pro-gay friend, Chris Cuomo
Do you see him going out to the peripheries with the poor, the downtrodden, visiting prisoners to provide them the Sacraments, the homeless, the forgotten? Or, do you see him with the wealthy, the powerful, the hip, the celebrity? That will tell you where his heart is. Consider the outrageous indulgences of Fr. Edward Beck as an example. 

Trudeau with gay admirers at a Gay Pride Parade
Sadly, this past October, Canadians elected a majority Parliament under the Prime Ministership of an evil, vile young man, Justin Trudeau. Thanks to the shameful silence of the bishops and prominent churchmen, Catholics en masse voted pro-abortion. But then, probably a large majority of bishops and clergy voted de facto pro-abortion as well, as they not so subtly hinted votes Trudeau's way with their disgraceful "election guide". It was a mixture of silence, cowardice and quisling-like words couched to ensure that tax breaks would continue for the very rich institutional Church. Vox Cantoris carries a series of interesting articles on the treachery of the bishops of Canada. 

Scandalously, Justin Trudeau, after his election, received a congratulatory message from Bishop Crosby of Hamilton. During the election the bishops of Canada could not even mention the word "abortion". So deeply engraved has the betrayal become. Now, we will soon have euthanasia imposed on the country by the clique who control the evil young man who acts as the PM of Canada. 

This same evil young man has been recently referred to as providing "bold, courageous leadership" by Thomas Rosica CSB. I strongly beg to differ with the Vatican English Language Spokesman. No, someone who advocates for killing babies, for the destruction of marriage, for the promotion of homosexuality, for euthanasia, for legalizing marijuana can hardly provide  leadership; even if he allows a few "refugees" (?) into the country, or let us say, ensures that the trains run on time. The past couple of weeks saw the vile media - dominated by a rich, white, liberal media cheering the entrance of "refugees" (?), yet remained and remains silent over the daily slaughter of the unborn. 

A refugee is someone who is suffering persecution in their homeland. Are not Linda and Mary refugees? Are not the unborn refugees? Why the shameful silence from the churchmen? Yet, we must not end this meditation in anger, but in love. We must love these wayward churchmen as St. Stephen loved Saul and his persecutors on that day when he achieved glorious martyrdom. It is out of love for Our Lord and the children that Linda and Mary freely hand over their freedom. Let us ask St. Stephen to move the hearts of these confused, quisling pathetic churchmen, these evil politicians to repentance. 

A most blessed Feast of St. Stephen to you all! May the blood shed by the First Martyr move the hearts of the persecutors of Christ and His Church to repentance. 

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Anonymous said...

Mary Wagner is a living saint. I signed petition in one of the Canadian churches to free her from jail. However, her criminal charge is - trespassing - not protesting abortion. In Canada one can speak openly against abortion and pray pro-life rosaries on the corners of the streets.

Catholic Church though is a church of "nice". Horrible... you are absolutely right, that you NEVER EVER hear about: abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia, end times and SIN in GENERAL... but you hear a lot about MONEY!!! You have very often two collections almost on every Holy Mass and when you leave the church the collection for the poor is happening at the door...

I just wish the Canadian church will be more interested in SALVATION of souls and less in money. To my knowledge - everybody is going always to Heaven. There is less and less novenas, adoration, litanies, rosaries and REAL TEACHING FROM THE BIBLE...

I am afraid for these priests... what they are going to say to Jesus once asked about salvation of souls versus their SOCIAL activities in the church... tea, dinners, dancing, constant fundraising etc... ALL THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL AND APPALLING... for the priests!!! God help them and have mercy on them, because they do not know what they doing...