Thursday, 1 January 2015

BREAKING NEWS: The mother of Mary Wagner to Poland: "Thank-you for your love and support for my daughter"

Mary Wagner's mother letter published in "", Poland carries a letter from Jane Wagner, the mother of Mary Wagner to all the Poles who have expressed such love and support for Mary, especially following her arrest and jailing on Christmas Eve. 

Jane Wagner rightly points out the disconcerting fact that Church authorities are silent. In part, Mrs. Wagner wrote: 

"In Canada there is very little support for Mary, even amongst Catholics...there exists a real spiritual death in our country, even, if I may say from amongst the clergy...I practically have never heard from the pulpit a word of condemnation of abortion or of abortifacient contraceptives. It is therefore no surprise, that Canadian Catholics have abortions nearly as much as regular Canadians. Our priests are, in the main, strangely silent. Our bishops are not any different. They love peace, they do not want confrontation, they do not want change, they do not want to be uncomfortable....

God bless Poland! I thank-you, that you are for Mary. Do not give up your efforts!

With love, Jane Wagner"

(Trans. Barona).  

UPDATE: [2015-01-01] Vox Cantoris carries the entire letter in the original English, kindly provided by our mutual friend, Mr. Jacek Kotula of Poland. 

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Luciano said...

The mother of this saintly woman is most accurate in the description of the church, lay and clergy, in Canada.
For my part I will try to bring light to this situation by writing our bishop whose diocese the prison is located, and bring up the subject at my next RCIA meeting where I am a sponsor and surrounded by promoters of the false spirit of Vatican II.
Long live Poland may she always live up to the great spiritual legacy of the St John Paul the Great, the great defender of the culture of life. Polonia semper fedelis, wish I could say the same of my native country of Italy or my adopted country of Canada. May God have mercy on us all. May God protect Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons.