Thursday, 15 January 2015

Michael Coren is wrong: It is about the unborn, not Mary Wagner !

"What is at stake is the commandment: Do not kill!"
St. Pope John Paul II 

Today, January 15, 2015, the Catholic Register has seen fit to publish an "opinion" by Michael Coren. After three weeks of silence, not even just facts, but this. Readers, if they wish, may do a search for it, and the whole sickening thing. I shall not link to it on this page. My hope is that The Catholic Register will permit a response to this calumny. Justice demands this. 

However, an initial few words need to be said. Mary Wagner is a voice for the unborn. She is a "victim with the victim", the face of those thousands of forgotten and unseen tiny faces that society has deemed disposable. Our angel for life is making a profound stand for Truth, just as Our Lord did. And they crucified Him for it. Though He was the Way, the Truth and the Life, they nailed Him to a tree. Mary, in her extraordinary way, is shining the light of truth upon abortion, and it is very uncomfortable, but it is also liberating: from lies and sin. 

"Her voice is a sign of freedom" 
Bishop Henryk Tomasik

In her lovely letter, that Mary wrote this past December, 2014, we read: 

Father spoke of God’s boundless love for each person from the moment of conception and of the grave harm of abortion and of the need for God’s mercy and forgiveness if one has been involved in an abortion. He spoke the truth in love to women – mothers – whose children had been killed in the womb. I saw tears in the eyes of the women, but I knew they were tears of healing. Someone was speaking the truth in love to their hearts, to a place that so desperately needed to be reached with God’s message of mercy.

Yes, even in prison there is healing, there is mercy, there is love, there are miracles. Because Jesus is there with Mary Wagner. In entering prison, for the love of Christ and the unborn, Mary is giving witness to the profound truth of the scandal of the Cross, that God is not someone who remains outside the world, but enters it: "he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, making himself the likeness of men, and being found in the appearance of man, he humbled himself, being obedient unto death, even to death on the  cross" (Phil 2: 7-8). By uniting herself with the crucified Lord, through her solidarity with the unborn and their mothers, Mary is showing us what it means to radically live the purity of the Gospel: the imitation of Christ. It is her total devotion to Our Lord, His Blessed mother, to the Truth, to Life, that is her inspiration. Michael Coren, in writing his sad words, does not understand this. 

History shows that evil needs to be confronted, whatever the cost. Even at the risk of persecution: "Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me" (Matt, 5:11). Consider St. John Fisher and his stand against the whole force of the English State. Was he not aware that he would be persecuted, jailed, martyred? Of course. Did he know that his immediate actions would not stop the tyrannical Henry in wresting the Church off the Rock of Peter? Absolutely. Yet, Catholics who take the Faith seriously, act accordingly. 

"It's an act of complete solidarity with the victims of abortion"
Fr. Paul Nicholson

Sadly, Mary, like Our Lord, is disregarded by many in her own country, even betrayed. Betrayed: what a word to have to say! And yes, even by those who should know better. Much, much better. 

But she rises above this to stand as a witness, that murder - butchery! - on an unimaginable scale is taking place in Canada and throughout "pluralistic" so-called democracies, that have decided, via legislation, to exterminate human life. Weak arguments about adherence to intrinsically evil "laws" have been a priori rejected by the Church. Most recently by St. Pope John Paul II in Evangelium Vitae. Today abortion, tomorrow Auschwitz - once the human person is dehumanized, history has shown that the road is open to anything! Euthanasia will be next while Christians and men of good will sit comfortably by, sleeping their lives away in delusion. 

Disingenuously Coren even asked whether all this is about the unborn or Mary. If he knew anything about Mary, he could never ask such a question. Mary would be greatly saddened that Coren, with his misguided reasoning,  is trying to make it about her. No, it is not! It is not about Mary:"Nie o Mary Wagner", as the Poles say, but it is about the unborn. And ultimately, by caring for the weakest, for the unborn, we are caring for each other - for are we not our brother's keeper? 

For all of this, I know that Mary, our angel for life, has forgiven Michael Coren. Perhaps we should too. He has become a confused, angry and sad man. 


Luciano said...

I am beyond disgusted, hurt and disappointed with this man's opinion piece. I cannot believe a Catholic newspaper would print such garbage.
The irony for me is earlier in the day I had sent my second email to the editor of the Register asking him to respond to my first email about covering the story all the while not knowing this opinion piece was already published. So I guess today I will be sending my third email to the Cardinal of Toronto, this time asking him to publicly correct the newspaper and Mr. Coren.
This column is truly the work of darkness, it is so wrong on so many levels, I cannot even fully express my disgust at it, all the more so coming from a so called Catholic newspaper.
God have mercy on us, God please protect guide and bless Mary and Linda.

A. Reasner said...
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Barona said...

Yes, God draws good out of evil.