Thursday, 15 January 2015

A Prayer for Mary Wagner before the Black Madonna: "our dear sister...thank-you for your defense of is the greatest gift you have given to the world!"

The prayer of  Father Peter Bałtarowicz addressed to 
Mary Wagner and the Inmates of Vanier

  Here is your Mother.

Thank you, Jesus, for Mary, your mother, for her good heart. Thanks to her love, our hearts become good, tender, beautiful…
I am happy that today in Vanier Centre for Women is present the icon of Our Lady of Czȩstochowa. Personally I join with you, at this moment, through the Holy Mass, which I am celebrating in my village of Siemysłów. 
The Most Holy Mother in her gaze embraces everybody:  priests, prison staff and administration, guests…but especially she looks on you women inmates! This is a gaze of love and mercy. 
To each of you the Holy Mother desires to say: “You are my beloved child of God”. She gives each of you Jesus! Hope!  God will not abandon you! God Our Father will help you to further live beautiful lives.  The world is menaced by wars. The world needs you to bring about peace.
I want, together with the Most Holy Mother and her Son Jesus, to take a moment to speak of our dear sister Mary Wagner. Thank you for your stand towards the defence of life! It is the greatest gift which you have given to the world! Thank you for being present to the unborn children and their mothers, as one who would lean over the rail of a cradle and behold the precious child — this is real peace! 
May the encounter with the Most Holy Mother be for you all, a blessing. The Most Holy Mother knows your hearts, knows your needs. Pray and she will fill your hearts with love. I thank the women, who together with Mary, pray every day! Kiss the icon of the Blessed Mother!
Through Mr. John Bulsza I thank all those who organized this visit of the Icon to Vanier Centre for Women, in Milton. May Almighty God bless you and may with you be the intercessions of the company of The Most Holy Mother Mary, Saint Joseph her spouse, Blessed John Paul II, Saint Maximillian Maria Kolbe, and St. Faustina Kowalska.
Fr . Peter Bałtarowicz        

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