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Mary Wagner: A Prisoner for the Redemptive Love of Christ is persecuted by the evil spirit of fascism

“The nation is not the highest power, nor may the state be idolized; The highest power for each nation is and remains religion.”
Bishop Johannes Maria Gföllner

I am re-posting  an earlier article that I think is extremely important, even more so, following the immoral and illegal arrest and jailing of Mary Wagner. It is important for Catholics to understand that the Church is supreme in matters of morality. If, and where there is a conflict, the State must be guided by the Church. NO exceptions. Pope Leo XIII's Libertas, Immortale Dei, Pius XI's Quas Primas are teachings that every serious Catholic should study. This has, and continues to be the doctrine of the Church. No Pope or Council can ever change this. A Pope is bound by his predecessors in matters of doctrine. It is even more important to stress this, given there are many, many Catholics who believe in "pluralism" - so it would seem - more than the law of Christ and His Church (our friend at the blog, Jonah in the Heart of Ninevah informs us that Michael Coren, has recently dared to criticize Mary, and the faithful Catholics of Poland). 

One churchman who did believe in truth, and acted accordingly, was the Bishop of Linz, Johannes Maria Gföllner of Austria. His rigorous defense of the Church in 1933 and true human rights did not make him a very popular man with Nazi thugs. As you read some of the hateful language below expressed by Nazis towards the Church, realize that these same sentiments, but the "Canadian way" are expressed by fascists in this country, that is, "fascism with a smile"... or as a recent report from Poland termed it: "a new totalitarianism, fascism with white gloves". Coren, in his love for Canadian "pluralism" - which includes the mass killing of human life - takes offense to the Poles calling out Canada as fascist. 

Fr. Paul Nicholson was with Mary and has spoken out powerfully in her defense; he has said she has identified with the victims.  Will there now be people - even Catholics - who in their cold hearts - entertain similar sentiments that the National Socialists held towards Catholic clergy, such as mocking priests as "hysterical cowl wearers"? Well, Fr. Nicholson is in good company with the Bishop of Linz. May God grant that a new Bishop of Linz arise in Canada.

"The fascist spirit is alive and well in Canada, as the Church is marginalized and silenced"
The title is not meant as incendiary or polemical. It is meant as reality. The  latest manifestation of abuse of power is the already fascistic Liberal party decreeing  that even incumbent MPs must renounce their conscience, and fall in line with the warped ideology of abortion. Usually this type of propaganda is masked under "separation of church and state".  In reality it is the gagging of the Church to preach the Gospel. Hence, war to the death with the Catholic Church is inevitable. Consider the following from official National Socialist propaganda contra the Church. It is a lesson for us as to how fascistic we have become as a regimented society; now being strait-jacketed into a semi-official state policy on personal morality.

Nazism well understood the danger the Church posed. It combatted the Church with a vengeance; unfortunately, Catholics in Germany were too weak and disorganized to block the gang of criminals who took over that country. Will we replay the tragedy? Will we be softened up to be killed off? How strong do you think the Church in Canada is to rebuff the warped, fascistic ideology of  the "World Pride" event taking place? Remember, silence will mean a further advance for this "despicable heathenism" (c.f. Bishop Gloffner below). Silence is not an option; certainly not for the martyr. 

Are we Catholics, Christians... men and women of good will, now slipping into the unfortunate position of Jews in 1930s Germany? Think about it. 

As long as the Roman Catholic Church stays within its boundaries, as long as it deals with the religious lives and experiences of its faithful, and as long as it does not interfere in the areas of politics, economics and culture, those areas that the National Socialist government reserves entirely to itself in the interests of the whole of the people, each church and religious group in Germany can conduct its activities unhindered and free of outside influence.

In his bishop’s letter issued shortly before 30 January 1933, Johannes Maria Gföllner, Bishop of Linz, said it clearly:
“The nation is not the highest power, nor may the state be idolized; The highest power for each nation is and remains religion.” (that is, the Catholic Church)...
 According to the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church, these people are more important than all scientific knowledge, so they cry bloody murder about the National Socialist state whose wise genetic policies and careful, justified elimination of incurable defectives are working to make the German people once again into a healthy, strong, youthful people....
Closely related to the agitation against the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Ill Offspring is political Catholicism’s battle against the powerful discoveries in the area of racial science. Bishop Gföllner is even clever enough to declare that the National Socialist standpoint is completely irreconcilable with Christianity, calling it a return to despicable heathenism...

Every German-thinking people’s comrade must resist the arrogant attempts of such people to oppose the state and National Socialist principles. When, for example, an itinerant Catholic preacher stands behind the pulpit and preaches to Catholic Germans that he prefers a Negro, a mulatto of pure soul, to a sinful Aryan, when he says that the Semitic race must be esteemed because Christ the man is of Semitic ancestry, when he calls on his hearers to fight for Rome and to be dissatisfied, then even the most faithful Catholic can only shake his head about such backwardness, narrow-mindedness, and ignorance, and leave such an apostle of agitation and hatred to himself...

We have no intention of allowing hysterical cowl-wearers, foreign to the people and the world, to risk even one word that goes beyond the realm of religion... 

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