Wednesday 31 December 2014

The arrest and jailing of Mary Wagner: Canada's shame makes headline news in Poland

Mary Wagner, once more, makes Poland's headlines; whilst here, in Canada, a veritable conspiracy of silence falls upon the land: most disconcerting is the silence of "official" Catholic media. Vox Cantoris asks some excellent questions in this regard. An American perspective of the persecution of Mary and Linda Gibbons may also be read here at Christ's Faithful Witness. 

One might ask: is this silence by "official" Catholic media a reflection of the "faith in the public square" that the Archdiocese of Toronto's "Family of Faith Campaign" and Pastoral Plan boasts of to the tune of demanding cash from parishioners, after determining their "maximum donating capacity"? What can one say when people living in Canada are discovering the news about Mary from the Polish media? A friend of mine in Toronto told me yesterday this very fact; she read it in the Polish press, and heard in on Polish radio. 

And what of Linda Gibbons, where is the outcry for this "Angel for Life" who has spent a good 10 years in prison for merely holding a placard against abortion on a public sidewalk? The Poles are indeed correct when they see Canada as "new totalitarianism in white gloves". 

Radio Maryja's report on Canada's "new totalitarianism" may be heard here. 

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