Friday 12 December 2014

Cardinal De Paolis: Proposition 52 of the Synod's relatio is ambiguous and dangerous

Sandro Magister carries a report on a recent article by Cardinal Velasio De Paolis on the exceptional gravity of trying to permit the divorced and civilly "remarried" to sacramental Communion. 

As to the foundational basis of what was, and is driving those synod fathers to oppose the Church's teachings, Fr. Thadeusz Guz, of the Catholic University of Lublin, (a scholar on protestantism (especially Lutheranism and German philosophy), recently gave a talk in Krakow and identified the influence of Lutheranism, and the philosophy of Schelling and Hegel upon a number of fathers. A full report on Fr. Guz's lecture will be carried on this blog next week. 

From Cardinal De Paolis: 

We observe that the wording of the text of the proposition generates ambiguities. It speaks of the “current discipline” and a possible modification of this, but this prompts a few doubts that require examination. In reality, the regulation in effect is not only a “current discipline,” as if this were a matter of a merely ecclesiastical norm and not of divine norms ratified by the magisterium, with doctrinal and magisterial motivations that concern the very foundations of Christian life, of conjugal morality, of the meaning of and respect for the Eucharist, and of the validity of the sacrament of penance. We are in the presence of a discipline founded on divine law. It is not emphasized enough that the documents of the Church in this matter do not impose obligations on the part of authority, but rather affirm that the ecclesiastical authority cannot act otherwise, because this “discipline” cannot be modified in its essential elements. The Church cannot act otherwise. It cannot modify the natural law or respect for the nature of the Eucharist, because this is a question of the divine will.

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