Sunday, 14 December 2014

Is Salt and Light TV now Gallican? - Now we have the "Canadian Catholic Church"

This, from the Twitter feed of Salt and Light TV, your "Catholic voice of hope...". 

Not being a Gallican, I do not recognize this "Canadian Catholic Church". I know of no such "church". Is it some new sect? Is it a movement within the visible Church of undeclared schismatics and heretics? Is it organized and in rebellion against the true Church? Just who are these people? Does this sect have within it bishops and priests who have broken with the Bride of Christ? 

A reminder: it was just last year that the CEO of Salt and Light, Thomas Rosica, CSB., publicly expressed a conciliarist heterodox opinion.

As for me, my spiritual relationship is with my parish priest, my bishop and the Pope. 

Naturally, a rebellion in one area, inevitably leads to rebellion in others: Salt and Light, unlike the Catholic Church, recognizes the Lutherans and Anglicans as "churches"; when, in fact, they are merely ecclesial bodies, devoid of sacramental economy, lacking the priesthood and episcopate. 

This fact was completely hidden from view in the disgraceful irenicist "ecumenical" gathering filmed and promoted by Salt and Light with the heretical Anglicans. This gathering also included a "bishopess" who distinguished her moral depravity by being actively involved in the promotion of the "alternative lifestyle" to the degree that this same "Church of England" will formally recognize this evil in its law and services in the near future. None of this was mentioned by Salt and Light. Light? No, darkness, the deliberate turning of the eye to evil. 

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Unknown said...

They have such poor formation that they wouldn't even know what Gallicanism, or conciliarism is.