Thursday 25 December 2014

HAPPY CHRISTMAS: War is NOT over ~ Mary Wagner languishes in jail and the killing of babies goes on and on...

This Christmas morning, we will awaken in a Canada that is populated by a people that has partaken in and conspired to kill well over a million human lives. The unborn. The river of blood is immense; the crime enormous. The abortion mill that Mary entered, "Bloor West Women's Clinic" claims that abortion is one of the most "frequently preformed" [sic. yes, the mill can't even get their spelling correct, yet they think they can preach on what is or not is life] "procedures today". Sadly, this is true. It calls up to God for vengeance. Mothers, fathers, "boyfriends", one night standers.... all in their various ways, and degrees of guilt, have created this holocaust - encouraged and winked at by other criminals who have cleared the way for the slaughter. 

The abortion mill that Mary entered dehumanizes human life in the womb to "pregnancy tissue". How could it be otherwise? Before you start killing, you must justify killing through the stripping of the killed of their personhood. 

And this Christmas morning, because she stands as a modern day St. John the Baptist - a voice crying in the wilderness - like the great rebuker of the evil "Herod the Great" (also a slaughterer of innocents) - Mary Wagner languishes in jail for entering a private abortion mill in the west-end of Toronto to ask mothers to reconsider the death sentence that they have come to accept as the destiny of the child in their womb. 

No the war on human life is not over.....

Please pray for Mary this Christmas. 

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