Thursday 9 October 2014

The Synod on the Family (or is it Media?): well, what can I say ?

In order to accomplish her true task adequately, the Church must constantly renew the effort to detach herself from the “worldliness” of the world. In this she follows the words of Jesus: “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world” (Jn 17:16). 
Pope Benedict XVI

The Holy See Press Office is continuing its disastrous presentation of the Synod. Earlier today, I included in this post a photo from Fr. Thomas Rosica's Twitter feed that perhaps somewhat reflects the carnival atmosphere being presented by him and the HSPO. However, upon reflection, I feel that this does not contribute to the gravity of the situation unfolding before us. The content is readily available on the internet for those wishing to do a quick search. 

Please pray for Frs. Lombardi, Rosica and the HSPO, that they detach themselves from "worldliness" and become of service to the Church. 

However, I am going to now include a photo that manifests the true Church; the Church in all Her real beauty and vibrance. These souls will not be invited to present before the august Princes of the Church. Yet, these souls are the future of the Church. God bless Africa!

Now to the tragedy in Rome: 

Another couple - typically bourgeoisie - typically obsessed with what the media is now calling a "sex conference" - had this to say - deemed (sadly and incredibly) worthy to report by the Holy See Press Office  - before the Synod Fathers: 

...We have come across couples who are remarried and feel lost or aggrieved because they are unable to partake in the Eucharist. One example is that of a couple who married outside of the Catholic Church. The wife was non-Catholic and joined the RCIA to convert. As this was her second marriage, she had to apply to have her first marriage annulled. She became disillusioned with the Church and both husband and wife left the parish, after being in RCIA for 2 years and not being able to have the marriage annulled.
If God is the ultimate forgiver and full of compassion then these couples should be forgiven for previous mistakes, however, they believe that they are constantly reminded & guilty of thesepast relationships or mistakes by not being able to partake in communion. We have also had requests from same sex unions or couples to attend Retrouvaille. We do chat to these couples and try to show understanding and compassion to them. However, we explain that our program is presented by teams of husbands and wives and that our stories and experiences would not relate to those in a same sex marriage or union. We also have a list of professional counsellors who offer their services to same sex unions and we pass this information on.


Luciano said...

Like you I cannot stand it that Fr Rosica is a vatican spokesman. I can't believe he has never been taking to task for his praise of Mr. Baum, disgusting. But the more I see how the church hierarchy works the more disillusioned I become with our church. It really is about careerism especially if you are a liberal media mogul prelate with very high connections and you boast everyone is your friend. To hell with church teaching, all that matters is positioning oneself for popularity and advancement. While the not media savvy shepherds who defend teachings of the faith, are exiled under the current regime. JMJ have mercy on us.

Jonah said...

A few modernist definitions may help you make sense of it:

Annullment: A quickie revolving door that grants every petition that's submitted

RCIA: A program based on the Alpha Course that re-affirms protestantism

Convert: Adopt a Catholic demeanor, while laboring to undermine the faith from within

Understanding and Compassion: Avoidance of anything that may lead to true conversion

Counsellor: Advocate for sinfull behaviour

Barona said...

Fr. Rosica is a tragedy. Meeting St. Pope John Paul II is making this especially so, as Baum represents everything the holy Pope fought against.