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Monday, 13 October 2014

Earthquake at the Vatican: Polish Archbishop's statement causes major uproar in Polish media

His Grace, Stanislaw Gadecki's, (President of the Polish Bishops Conference) denouncement of the interim Syndodal report as anti-Catholic, as being contrary to the Church's teachings is causing a tidal wave of reaction in the Polish media. One source, refers to it as an "earthquake". 

The confusion, chaos, not to mention errors and heresies rampant are being exposed for all to see. Divine Providence works in mysterious ways: He has used this shameful Synod to expose the grave crisis in the Church. Shameful, in that it scandalizes the little ones: Bishop against Bishop, Cardinal against Cardinal. 

This Synod exquisitely has exposed the central error of our day: as St. Pope John Paul II stated: it is a crisis of truth. 

More to follow.... as I obtain further information from Polish media sources. 

1 comment:

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

That was my humble insight into the whole mess. It exposed a hidden schism in the Church, which hopefully can now be healed. God bless you. Susan Fox