Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Cardinal Dziwisz: Pope St. John Paul II influenced the outcome of the Synod of the Family

From His Eminence's Homily on the Feast Day of St. Pope John Paul: 

We deeply believe that Pope John Paul II accompanied us and intercedes for us before the throne of the Most High. He earned the title, Pope of Families, of which we reminded many times during the Synod of Bishops on the family that ended a few days ago. He brought an undeniable contribution to the reflection of the Church on marriage and the family, as well as on the fundamental values ​​which were significantly shaped by these two realities. This is no to be underestimated and its contribution within the context of the risks posed by contemporary currents of secularism and hedonism to undermining the stability of the family and marriage as the primary community of men and women - a community of love and life. 


A gentle rebuke perhaps of the innovators? But, nonetheless, a rebuke. 

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