Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Archbishop Zbigniew Stankiewcz of Riga on the Synod mid-term report: "a deviation...: "a counterfeit Gospel..."

His Grace, Archbishop Zbigniew Stankiewicz of Riga, Latvia, also has serious concerns with the mid-term relatio coming from the Synod on the Family; he is gravely concerned with the second part that seeks to pander to secularism. The Archbishop was born in Latvia of Polish parentage. He holds a doctorate from the Lateran University. His comments to Vatican Radio are carried by
the Polish Bishops. 

The Archbishop stated: 

"...with regard to the deviation in the document, there is a danger of dancing to the world's music and surrender to pressure from secular circles. I contacted  many bishops and my impression is that the vast majority of the bishops are thinking well and will not let go and surrender to this pressure. 

...the world truly does not need a counterfeit gospel, but the world needs light, the truth of the Gospel. 

...And if it will be something diluted, then unfortunately, we will first be applauded, then  unneeded, just air to be trampled on.

I hope that in the language groups there will be discussion on these topics and will be on this discussion, and that this document will be corrected and  and something will change. "

(Translation: Barona)

Update: Christiana 24 carries a report a full report ("The Polish bishops: the synodal document? Unacceptable!") on this as well as Archbishop Gadecki's critique. 

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