Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fr. Paul Nicholson: the smoke of the Synod

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Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Thank you Fr. Paul Nicholson. That is fabulous. A fabulous witness to truth. Do you know that the Church's true teaching on contraception is a tool of evangelization? Yesterday, I practically brought my roofer back to the Catholic Church. He is using Natural Family Planning, but because his wife is Baptist they are attending a non-denominational Church. He has a very happy marriage. I began to ask him a series of questions about what is marriage to help him recognize that same sex marriage, which was stuffed down our throats Oct. 6 by the US Supreme Court, is NOT marriage. He was shocked when he thought about it. Then I explained that contraception was the grandmother of homosexuality because it separates the two aspects of marriage -- intimacy and fecundity. Well homosexuality does the same thing. It is intimacy without the ability to have children. People who self identify as homosexual do not need contraception. Then I told him about a group of Protestants on a Protestant blog, who were crying in their beer because their wives didn't want intimacy because the pill lowers a woman's libido by making her feel like the early stages of pregnancy. He has two children, and he remembered that phase in their relationship. Then I told him most forms of contraception were actually micro abortions, allowing the woman to conceive but making the womb inhospitable to the new human life. Then I reminded him that all the Protestant Churches caved in on contraception in the 1930s. Only the Catholic Church has remained steadfast against contraception, which is clearly condemned in Scripture. Then I said, "You and your wife are not using contraception, but what happens to your son and daughter who grow up in a Protestant Church where contraception is readily accepted. Your grandchildren could be "gay." By the end of the conversation I was advising him to get a book on the Mass and explain it to his wife when he brings her to one. And he was nodding passionately. Think about it. Natural Family Planning, a tool of Catholic evangelization, and the bishops' councils threw it under the bus. God bless you. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness