Friday, 17 October 2014

Cardinal Napier talks about the strange circumstances in the manner the relatio was released....

The importance of this video are the words of H.E. Cardinal Napier of South Africa. (see. 3:00 onwards)...

The full commentary of Cardinal Napier may be listened to here. 


Freyr said...

The press has been misrepresenting the synod.
Michael Voris is a member of the press.
Cardinal Napier's comments at the Oct. 14 press conference were far more extensive and nuanced than are represented here.
The press conference is available in toto here:

Freyr said...

At 1:03:17 Voris asks his question.
Part of Cardinal Napier's response:
"I don't think anyone is saying that there's a gross misrepresentation of the Church's teaching in the document; the media may have taken and gone further than the document"
Watch the entire press conference, not just the cherry picked samples of one media outlet.