Sunday, 10 September 2017

Michael Coren attacks Toronto Catholic Witness as "defending the right wing..."

Michael Coren has just singled out Toronto Catholic Witness and Vox Cantoris as two blogs that "carry a heavy mark" in influencing the social and political life of Canada, vis-a-vis Catholic action. He should have every reason to believe this, as our blogs have grown rapidly in readership and have a worldwide following. We are read in Rome and in the Vatican. It should be noted that our readership  has a much larger circulation than "official" diocesan newspapers (such as The Catholic Register, of the Archdiocese of Toronto; or, for that matter, The Walrus, who published Coren's article). May our influence continue to grow so that our "mark" may be even heavier. Vox Cantoris has provided a powerful rebuke to this foolish and angry man. 

Coren identifies a number of groupings (e.g. think tanks, pro-life activists etc.) constituting "right wing Catholics". Specifically, Coren denotes Toronto Catholic Witness and Vox Cantoris as the most "blatant" of these "zealots". 
Even more blatant than Lifesite are blogs such as the Ontario-based Vox Cantoris and Toronto Catholic Witness, with less significance but still making a heavy mark.
Presumably such "blatant" acts could be The Vox's consistent opposition and accurate exposure of the adulterist clique in Rome who seek to change doctrine via a false pastoral practice? Or, is it The Vox's opposition to unnatural sexual activity being excused and promoted by evil and decadent churchmen? It is obvious that Coren fears the influence of Vox Cantoris. 

Grande promoting the gay agenda to children with
LGBT "flag" accompanied by an effeminate looking male  

Coren then attempts  (utterly failing) to excoriate Toronto Catholic Witness for denouncing parents as evil for taking their children to the sexually perverse shows of Ariana Grande. Are we to presume that Coren approves of taking children to performances that include overt sexual innuendo on stage, the promotion of homosexuality and promiscuity, and the use of extremely vulgar language that encourages young people to engage in illicit sexual activity? I will state again: why have such concern over physical death, but none over eternal damnation? Such parents are objectively evil. Homosexuality is an abomination. 

Two "students" at a St. Mike's event giving Catholic education the "finger"

Not satisfied, Coren then complains that Toronto Catholic Witness stepped forward to oppose the corruptive influence of the Basilians and dissenting faculty at St. Michael's College, which has resulted in the very obvious grave moral slide of the once Catholic College, with its incessant alcohol-riddled partying and  indecent and scandalous events.
In many ways, it’s a battle for the soul and future of the Catholic Church in Canada. Who controls this major Catholic college at the most important university in Canada—the bishops and Cardinal or liberal clergy and lay academics? It’s not irrelevant that immediately after this story became public, the blog Toronto Catholic Witness ran a long entry defending the right-wing at St Michael’s and accusing the college of being home to lewd sexual behaviour.
Coren can rest assured that more material will be published further exposing St. Michael's College as un-Catholic, and defend Cardinal Collins' right to take control of the College and restore Catholic education. 

To conclude, I will say this. 

Toronto Catholic Witness and Vox Cantoris are neither right nor left. This is not about politics, this is about the Truth. 

We are Catholic. Plain and simple. 

We strive to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

Please pray for Michael Coren and all those who have rejected or have never  known Jesus Christ and His Truth. 


Jonah said...

Coren and the whole Anglo-American media/education establishment are driven by Tavistock:

Our Catholic forebears understood this and created a separate Catholic school system to resist the evils spewing from this portal of hell. We must support and encourage Cardinal Collins in his efforts to reclaim our schools for Catholic families.

Faith Fields said...

First of all the one point that ALL the top dogs of the Christian faith whether they be a Bishop, Priest, Pastor, Minister have ALL clearly FORGOTTEN is that it truly is NOT up to THEM to CONDEMN in ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM those humans for their wrong doings which INCLUDES those PARENTS that CHOSE to take their children to events such as the Ariana concert ... the ONLY one that HOLDS the position of CONDEMNATION is GOD and GOD ALONE who ALL will end up having to ANSWER to HIM and none other for their WRONG DOINGS & CHOICES!!!

Winefred said...

Give St. Mike's a little space. There are some (non-Basilians) making an effort to rebuild. It's going to take time. They are in the process of searching for a new President, so they need prayers. One possible candidate is a Basilian, but such a good and faithful priest that the order keeps sabotaging his career. Pray.

Anonymous said...

Coren just gets more queer every year. Maybe it is better to just ignore him.