Tuesday, 5 September 2017

COMMUNIST, HOMOSEXUAL, FREEMASON? How to identify subversive priests

What are the signs that your priest could be subversive? A Communist, a homosexual, a freemason? 

There are signs that the discerning Catholic can carefully use to be on alert for a subversive priest. Fr. John O'Connor, himself driven out of the Dominican Order by militant homosexuals, calls our attention to a number of things we should be wary of, when accessing our parish priest. 

In this day and age, Catholics need to be absolutely certain their priest is not subversive. 

One other key marker as to "where your priest is coming from", is the attitude your priest has towards, "Courage", the courageous Catholic ministry towards poor suffering homosexuals. 

Does your priest have contact information for Courage? Does he support them? If he doesn't, speak to him and tell him he should be actively promoting the faithful Courage apostolate. If he rebuffs you, this is all you need to know. Get out of that parish and take as many Catholics with you. 

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