Wednesday 20 September 2017

CATHOLIC EDUCATION? St. Michael's College is a scandal for the Church in Toronto

From the 2011 Frosh week at St. Michael's College, the University of Toronto. Readers can decide for themselves if these images reflect Catholic education. Catholics understand why His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins wishes to place the school directly under his control, removing it from the neo-modernist cabal that is controlling the Faculty. 

His Eminence is well aware of the evils that pervade St. Michael's. Please pray that the Cardinal succeeds to wrest control from the Basilians, who (unfortunately) are being backed up by the Roman authorities. The Vatican meddling in a Toronto local issue is indeed disgraceful, and un-Catholic. It is  an ironic perversity that at the very time the Pope is seeking to diffuse the Liturgy into a state of complete chaos, by placing it in the hands of national churches (a very protestant concept); he is at the same time backing the neo-modernists who are blocking Cardinal Collins' right as Bishop of Toronto (a very Catholic concept) to control education. 

Pope Benedict XVI, addressing Catholics in England in 2010 spoke of Catholic education in this manner:
As you know, the task of a teacher is not simply to impart information or to provide training in skills intended to deliver some economic benefit to society; education is not and must never be considered as purely utilitarian. It is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom. And true wisdom is inseparable from knowledge of the Creator, for “both we and our words are in his hand, as are all understanding and skill in crafts” (Wis 7:16).

A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints.

Do these images reflect "forming the human person" helping "all its students to become saints"?  


Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

Looks like the porn culture is alive and well at St. Michaels. We don't see anything like that at the International Theological Institute in Trumau Austria. While we have some of the loveliest co-eds in the world, they are modestly dressed, making them much more alluring.. Our campus doesn't have to create drama by painting our bodies nor by strutting our stuff. The fact is we have such a sense of peaceful joy on campus, the entire student body attends daily Mass, many go to weekly confession and vespers, Byzantine Rite Marian Akathist, pilgrimages and Rosaries, small prayer groups. We also have dances, outdoor barbecues and get togethers. Usually each semester offers at least one couple bonding and getting married. They find their life vocation here, though some of my teachers would say that marriage is not a vocation. It is a natural state. Our professors all vow to uphold the teaching authority of the Church. However, after you wrest control of the campus from the Basilians, you are going to have to lovingly and patiently help the youth there back into Catholic living. You will need a step-by-step gradual approach to re-enculcating Gospel Values. Otherwise they will just leave and go somewhere else, remaining unconverted. God bless you. Susan Fox

Anonymous said...

Any parent who sends their child or children to ANY "Catholic" schools in Canada and in most dioceses in the US will answer to Our Lord for being complicit in the destruction of the Faith and in the soul of their child (ren).

We beg the Saints in Heaven for help!

Anonymous said...

This is making me ashamed to be an SMC grad. Are we no better than the tasteless parades that take over our city every year? Sad.

Anonymous said...

Guess how many people show up for the 'faculty Mass' at St. Mike's? Hint: You can count them on one hand. Just go to the St. Mike's Facebook page to find out for yourself.