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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Battle of Vienna ~ how King John III saved Europe

September 12, 1683 is one of the greatest days in Polish history. It marked the defeat of the Turkish hordes at the Gates of Vienna, after a long siege by forces of Grand Vizir Kara Mustapha.

The Polish hussars destroyed the Turkish line and following the battle, King John III Sobieski sent a message to Pope Innocent II:"Venimus, vidimus et Deus vicit".

It is a sad reality that most people do not know of this battle. One hopes that in Europe - perhaps at least in Austria and Italy - people will reflect and say a prayer for the brave soldiers who died that day saving their nation from enslavement. 

Had the Turks won the day, the road would have been open to Rome, and in fact the Turks had every intentiom to take Rome. Indeed, the Grand Vezir's had pledged to feed his horse oats on the High Altar of St. Peter's.

Prior to his departure for Austria, King John placed himself and his army in the hands of the Black Madonna at Czestochowa. Remember this great victory and this great man. Remember his faith and his courage.

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