Friday, 22 September 2017

An American Prophet responds to James Martin S.J.

I am constantly amazed how few people know about Joseph Sciambra. I am likewise amazed how so many use his investigative videos into LGBT propaganda within the Church, but do not reference him, do not single out Joseph who truly is a prophetic voice in the wilderness of neo-pagan America. 

How is it possible for this man to have such few Twitter followers? Yet, major websites will dig around in Joseph's video materials and put up trolling and sensational headlines to rack up the statistics. 

Friends, the Gospel of Christ is not spread in this manner. The following two videos are from Joseph and provide his responses as an ex-gay person to the misleading and sinful advice that Fr. James Martin S.J. is giving to people who are struggling with same-sex attraction. 

I would ask each and every one of you to watch these videos, to start to read Joseph Sciambra's website and materials regularly. Please tell your priest, your family and your friends about the man whom I refer to as "An American Prophet". Far more accurately, Joseph is an ex-gay, Catholic prophet for homosexualized America. He is, as he says rightly, "a child of God". Fundamentally, a prophet is one who tells the full and complete truth, even though it is very uncomfortable. That is why there will be increasing attacks upon Joseph by militant homosexuals. These attacks only prove one thing: they fear the truth. 

Finally, as Catholics we need to pray for James Martin and misleaders such as him. We need to pray that he abandon the evil advice he is giving to men and women who are confused with their sexual identity. Perhaps Fr. Martin himself is tortured by the demons of sexual confusion? Perhaps he himself suffers from same-sex attraction? Perhaps he was abused as a boy, perhaps even as an altar boy? Perhaps he was abused by a homosexual predator in the priesthood and this horror has slowly led Fr. Martin to the brink of insanity? Who knows?  God knows. Let us pray for him. 

Let us now listen to Joseph Sciambra address Fr. James Martin S.J., and his grave errors and misleading advice to those suffering the spiritual and mental torment of same-sex attraction. 

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