Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association goes hardcore "LGBTQ" at its 2017 AGM

Every picture tells a story. No further commentary is necessary. Evil. 

Just when you think it cannot get worse it does. It has been recently revealed that the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association (OECTA) has been endorsing abortion

More recently, this blog published the fact that the out-going President of OECTA, Ann Hawkins re-tweeted  a video from the so-called "Women's March" that was a strident call-out in favour of abortion

OECTA simply goes from promoting one evil to another. 

Now, ramping up its militant support of the "LGBTQ" agenda (though I have heard homosexual activists complain about the inclusion of "Q"ueer - so, watch out OECTA, you may yet come in the cross-hairs of the homosexualists, who may order you to remove the "Q") - OECTA has proudly displayed two - yes TWO - "Rainbow" flags at its AGM.  One notices that there is only ONE Canadian flag, one Ontario flag. Obviously  identifying with homosexuality is more important to OECTA than being Canadian. 

One "rainbow" flag is not enough. OECTA needs two!!

But it goes far, far deeper. One notices that there is NO Crucifix. OECTA has long ceased to identify with Our Lord Jesus Christ. How could they, since they openly promote one of the four sins that cries to Heaven for vengeance? In fact, displaying a Crucifix would be the height of hypocrisy. We can accuse OECTA of many things, but we cannot accuse them of being hypocrites. They are, openly and unabashedly militantly pro-homosexual. As such, why would they display the God-Man Crucified?

Disgraceful. The evil of OECTA displayed for all to see

We have to ask ourselves very serious questions:

Where are the bishops? Why are they silent?

Where are the priests? Why are they silent?

Where are the parents? Why are they silent?

Where are the Catholic teachers? Why are they silent? 

Are there any Catholic teachers left?

Where are the respective Boards of Education and the Trustees?  Why are they silent?

OECTA gloats over its "new rainbow popup banners". Disgraceful gender-ideology propaganda

Dear readers, OECTA is not Catholic. It is a militant, extremist, globalist activist union that is corrupting children with false doctrine and imposing anti-Catholic ideologies.

OECTA is being enabled by the silence of churchmen - both bishops and priests - who are either emasculated cowards; or, even worse, dissenters themselves. 

Why is a Canadian based "Catholic" teachers union attacking a foreign government
at its AGM? Very, very strange behaviour. 

Why are they displaying photos from the pro-abortion "Women's March" in foreign city? 

OECTA is being enabled by dissident do-nothing Boards of Eduction, who sit idly by while heretical teachings and falsehoods are being hoisted on innocent children. These Boards and Trustees are also not Catholic. If they were Catholic they would intervene and fire those teachers who are promoting heresy and perversion. "Oh, they will appeal to the Ministry of Education", appeasers will argue. Well, let them. At least the Boards and Trustees will have expressed themselves. Then, if there are no options left, it is time to shut this sickening masquerade down. 

I call upon the bishop/s to begin the process by demanding according to Canon Law that OECTA cease to use the word "Catholic". If these Prelates do not take action, they too, will have to answer before God for their role in the corrupting of the souls of innocent children. 

My, my OECTA now promotes hermaphrodites. 


Anonymous said...

Canada has become a doomed country. Babilon.

Unknown said...

Has any journalist ever confronted the Ontario bishops about this? Or do they just refuse to be interviewed?

Barona said...

Karl, you raise a very good question. What does OECTA have to do to eventually obtain censure from these men? Burn down St. Michael's?
Obviously, openly and aggressively promoting homosexuality is not enough.

As an aside, I can imagine the speed and haste of the bishops had OECTA displayed the Swastika at their AGM. There would have been immediate action, universal condemnation....

Anonymous said...

Its spelled Babylon