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Monday, 13 March 2017

Novalis claims Gregory Baum -an admitted practitioner of homosexuality - is "Canada's most preeminent Catholic theologian"

Novalis' "... preeminent Catholic theologian",
the admitted practicing homosexual Gregory Baum 

Novalis, the Canadian publisher of "Living with Christ" (sadly the missalette of choice in many Canadian parishes), continues to claim that ex-priest and arch-heretic, Gregory Baum is "Canada's preeminent Catholic theologian". 

How is this possible, when Baum is an open heretic, and in his own words -remember, this is a man who was ordained to the Catholic priesthood to illicitly "marry" a women -  a practicing homosexual? 

I ask, dear readers, what is one to think of a publisher, such as Novalis, that considers Baum "Canada's preeminent Catholic theologian"? 

No. Gregory Baum, if anything, is Canada's preeminent apostate priest. 

Dear readers, it should be not too difficult to discern what Novalis is and stands for. It does not stand for Jesus Christ and His Church. 

It is time for Novalis to be banned from each and every Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

I am not shocked.
In fact I expect this behavior from Novus Ordo types.

Unknown said...

The head of Novalis is the former editor and publisher of the Catholic Register:


He claims that the ecumenical publications they are promoting "follow in the footsteps" of the legacy of the Counter Reformation Saint, St. Frances de Sales.

It would be interesting to hear from a reviewer about whether this is in fact an example of willful blindness or something else.

Jonah said...

Who sponsors Novalis? Who affirms and legitimizes their position as a Catholic publisher? The web of complicity is broad and revealing.