Tuesday 14 March 2017

Monsignor Vincent Foy: 1915 - 2017 ~ was a humble, holy priest and prophet

Mgr Foy on the occasion of his 75th Anniversary of his ordination to the
Sacred Priesthood with Thomas Cardinal Collins 

On March 13, 2017, Monsignor Vincent Foy, at the age of 101, departed this earth to return to the House of the Father. Unlike so many bishops and priests, Monsignor Foy truly was a loyal Son of the Church. A "voice in the wilderness" in Canada, Monsignor Foy fought trenchantly against the baneful twin evils of contraception and abortion. Monsignor Foy was not listened to, and the result is that the heretical "Winnipeg Statement" that rejected Humanae Vitae was adopted and promoted by the Bishops in Canada. A whole generation of Catholics were either exposed to silence on issues of sexual morality, or told by these people that - though Church teaching was right and the ideal - nonetheless, they could hold the ideal as exactly an ideal and follow their personal conscience. It was all a sinister undertaking. The result was, in Monsignor Foy's own words, they were "complicit in mass murder". 

There can be no doubt that Monsignor Foy was the most important Canadian of the past century. Yet, he was virtually unknown. We could expect the media and the secular elite to despise him. Sadly, even in the Church he was an isolated figure, held in contempt by the powerful modernist elites. Like Our Lord, he was an outcast and not recognized as a prophet. Like Our Lord, he too had only love and compassion for these poor deluded souls. Yet, he was not a dreamer, but a realist. Souls needed to be protected and he urged again and again the then Archbishop of Toronto, Philip Pocock, to suspend the notorious heretic, Gregory Baum. 

Yet for Baum too - lauded and praised by the Catholic elite - Monsignor Foy, with his virtual last breath, showed true love  and prayed for this man's conversion. On February 21, 2017, Monsignor Foy wrote these words: 

Catholics should prepare for death and the Day of Judgment through repentance and the grace of sacramental Confession giving total absolution/forgiveness.  We should pray for poor Gregory Baum’s conversion.

There can be no doubt that from the Father's House, Monsignor Foy will pray the Bishops in Canada repent - and finally without any equivocation - reject the "Winnipeg Statement" and then preach with boldness the fullness of Christ's Truth about human sexuality and Life issues. For if the family is destroyed, all is lost. 

Monsignor Foy also foresaw the collapse of the Church in Canada. He knew that to mock God has very serious consequences. He foresaw that if the Bishops became ashamed of Christ and His teachings; Christ would be ashamed of them before His Father. Canada's bishops have, for nearly fifty years, refused to proclaim the Gospel undiluted. They refuse the graces God gives them as bishops. Consequently, we have seen an unprecedented implosion of the Church in Canada. We must always remember that the Church is not bricks and mortar: the Church is the mystical Body of Christ, His Bride who remains faithful to Him. 

Monsignor Foy was one humble, holy Catholic priest who remained faithful to the end. He was a true priest of Jesus Christ who kept his vow of fidelity to the Bride of Christ. May he now receive his reward and rest for eternity beholding the Beatific Vision of the Most Holy Trinity. 

For a full biography of his life, please visit Monsignor Foy's website. 

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I watched a 4 minute documentary about him last year.
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