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Monday, 6 March 2017

"There is too much money tied up in bad church music"

The title of this post is a comment that struck me powerfully. Vox Cantoris, in a review of the most recent attempt to improve liturgical music wrote the following: "There is too much money tied up in bad church music".

The Vox is correct. The institutional Church in western Europe and North America is wealthy and corrupt. Wealth has fed the moral decadence and continued degeneration. Many do like me or others mentioning it, but the mystery of the huge collapse after Vatican II is unexplainable if one does not take into account "fifties Catholicism". Far, far too many Catholics had already become imbued with the world, the flesh and the devil. Bishop Fulton Sheen himself wrote in 1952 in "Three to Get Married" that promiscuity was rampant. In other words, the bishop had heard and seen enough in the late 40s and early 50s to be able to write those words. 

Yet, many still erroneously think of the fifties of being a golden age of morality, decency and family values. Wrong!

What kind of society is it when women glory in being "sluts"?
Compared to now it indeed seems so, but that is only because our society is ripped through with near universal acceptance of sexual immorality: oral and anal "sex" between men and women (once the reserve of homosexuals and prostitutes) - is even rampant amongst so-called  "Catholics". This vice is even promoted by the self-styled and self-declared "experts" of  theology of the body. It all brings in quite a tidy sum of money to promote illicit sexual acts, but I digress.

Statistics show that the vice of masturbation is near universal in the population; as is contraception between married "Catholic" couples (really nothing but a form of mutual masturbation). Contraception is the fuel that runs the abortion furnace. How many "Catholics" have procured abortion? Millions upon millions. 

Pornography has reached epidemic proportions with children now being consumers of filth. Fornication and adultery is ever more rampant making the "promiscuity" of Sheen's day pale in comparison. Sin is now a mere "click" away on a mobile phone...homosexuality, lesbianism, pan-sexualism is ever increasing. Even "Catholic" schoolgirls from "poster Catholic" families glory in sexual libertinism and debauchery. If I wanted to, I could name names. So, dear friends, these evils are very real and are destroying families. 

Catholic teachers openly & officially supporting homosexuality
Thus, with near universal moral degeneration, the lust for money is an evil twin of the lust of the flesh. You will notice, dear reader that the churchmen who constantly harp on about the "poor", themselves live in considerable luxury. When you see priests living the jet-set lifestyle, think again about their "love of the poor.

When priests, bishops and cardinals start to drone about the poor, immediately look at his lifestyle. Does he do parochial work? Has he been a curate? Has he humbly worked for years in a parish? This is your first sign. Avoid, dear reader any churchman who has not spent years in a parish. He does not know the people, he is a careerist, a clericalist. He is an enabler of the "money tied up in bad church music".  

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Robespierre said...

Sometimes when I listen to Immaculate Heart Radio out in California, Catholics will call in to whatever program happens to be on and will mention that they "have been dating for years" their boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancee. I would hope they are living chastely as they do that.