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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Fr. Thomas Rosica's Salt and Light received money from the "Canada Summer Jobs Program"

A few weeks ago, Fr. Thomas Rosica began to write tweets that were very uncharacteristic of him. Suddenly, he was tweeting against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; at other times he was pleading with him. Prior to this, Fr. Rosica had only tweeted very positively about Trudeau since his election as PM. In a newspaper article praising Trudeau for bringing so-called "refugees" into Canada, Rosica wrote: 

"At Christmas we are taught where to find God...we can find Him in the bold, courageous leadership of a young Prime Minister".

But it did not end there. The sycophancy went so far, that last summer, Fr. Rosica even published two truly scandalous tweets of Trudeau: one in the Sistine Chapel, and the other of a prayer that had been offered for French Monarchs prior to the 1789 Revolution. It would seem that the "courageous leadership" of the "young" PM could do no wrong. However, Trudeau's track record of immorality went back years. 

What happened early this year to have caused Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, Vatican part-time English language spokesman, and CEO of Salt and Light Catholic Media to begin chiding Trudeau on Twitter? 

Was it about Trudeau's $650,000,000 fund for aborting black, yellow and brown babies in the third world? Was it about euthanasia? Was it about Trudeau's near obsessive promotion of the "LGBT agenda"? 

No, it was about the Summer Jobs Programmes. 

Friends, this was one area where the Canadian bishops drew the line. Money was at stake. Immediately protests were launched against Trudeau; even "faith groups" got together to chastise and beg. No dice: Trudeau, ever the fascist, hardened his position in the face of this sniveling, ineffectual protest. 

I mused on this blog that this reversal was so uncharacteristic of Fr. Rosica (who always spoke of Trudeau in a positive light), that he needed to come clean and tell us if Salt and Light has ever received monies from the Federal Government. Well, we must thank Thomas Rosica for clearing the air. S + L was going to receive about $100,000 of your hard earned tax dollars. 

Rosica's Statement raises further questions. Has Salt and Light been receiving tax money since its inception 15 years ago? Rosica seems to imply this in his Statement. If so, just how much has S+L received over 15 years? A million, 1.5 million? Even more? No matter. God writes straight with crooked lines, and He can use Justin Trudeau to punish the wayward. Let us rejoice S + L can no longer engage in a form of corporate welfare. Why doesn't Rosica hit the billionaire Westons with his needed $100,000, rather than taking it from the tax-payers, who are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table?

Fr. Rosica - once again - remove the deeply offensive tweets (they are still up as of March 1, 2018) you posted of Trudeau in the Sistine Chapel, and the prayer for the French Monarch. 

In conclusion. Did Fr. Rosica publicly turn against Justin Trudeau only because Salt and Light was cut off? Many Catholics will think it seems this way until Rosica breaks his silence over the grave evils that Justin Trudeau has brought to Canada, and is exporting throughout the world.   

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