Saturday, 2 December 2017

Homosexual terrorists running Canada? The scandal of Wilfrid Laurier University's persecution of Lindsay Shepherd

One would think that at least in a university, there would be a "preferential option" for open debate? For divergent views? Sadly, no. 

Canada's universities - with a few exceptions in various faculties and amongst a few careful and discrete professors - have also come under the control of secularists and ideological terrorists. In fact, in a more subtle manner, the universities were already under the control of these terrorists before they made their more public debut in the mass media.

The totalitarian response from Wildrid Laurier to TA Lindsay Shepherd 

Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario distinguishes itself as a hard-core fascist university. This so-called "university" absolutely refuses to allow Staff, professors and so on, to express any opinions except those permitted by the university. 

Friends, we have seen these types of "universities" before in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, where all staff - at minimum - were to give implicit obedience to the Party. Membership meant promotion. A very famous example (and very popular at universities to this day) is the notorious Martin Heidegger. Wilfrid Laurier is determined to be a totalitarian as the most rabid Nazi university. 

Consider the following exchange between a homosexualist fascist (on behalf of the "university") and Teaching Assistant, Lindsay Shepherd. Instead of congratulating this TA for her determination to debate issues, the homosexual terrorists who run Wilfried Laurier proceeded to - yes dear readers - terrorize Lindsay Shepherd. However, Shepherd secretly recorded the terrorist incident, conducted by a sneering, lisping, hateful individual working for Wildrid Laurier.  

A report on the issues, and persecution of other academics by homosexual terrorists may be read here. 

So much for "universities". Now, let us turn to the fascist Government of Canada. 

A hundred million dollars of taxpayers money to militant homosexuals, sees homosexual terrorism expanding in Canada. 

Trudeau at home with drag queens 

Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (who is obsessed with homosexuality -WHY? I shall leave that up to the readers imagination) handed out $100,000,000 million dollars to militant homosexuals for so-called human rights abuse and violations. Firstly, no one has a right to commit sin, or violate the natural law. Secondly, the civil law (at that time in harmony with God's Law), explicitly forbad homosexual activity within certain spheres. Homosexuals knew the law and openly decided to violate it. 

The Government of Canada owes them nothing. In fact, the Government of Canada owes God an apology. The Government of Canada owes Canadians an apology for the legal theft of $100,000,000 dollars that morally is to be used for the common good. Is there money for children with autism? Money for the disabled? Money for the elderly? Money for primary caregivers...? No, just money for perverts.

Homosexuals too, owe Canadians an apology. An apology for perverting the country, corrupting and molesting children, spreading disease, and costing the health care system billions with their disgusting and filthy behaviours. 

Not surprisingly, our churchmen have been silent over Trudeau's thieving handout of taxpayer money to individuals who engage in unnatural sexual acts. 

Thomas Rosica, CSB, has had a lot to say about Trudeau: fawning all over him when he let in thousands of "refugees" (for which Canadians are paying a heavy price: assault, rape, property crime, hotels being forced to take "refugees" and throw Canadians out...), the constant "groupie" like promotion of this evil man on Twitter.

Is it not a scandal, dear friends, that the Bishops of Canada have been silent over the immoral hand-put of $100,000,000 dollars to homosexual terrorists?

So much for the "preferential option for the poor". No, it all is an elaborate fraud. Also, do not forget the disgraceful  and very expensive private reception at the Rosedale Golf Club in Toronto for the visiting Prelate, Kevin Cardinal Farrell. Another example of a churchman "reaching out to the peripheries". I wonder how many poor Farrell met at the Clubhouse? 

So much for the Government of Canada. So much for Canadian universities being terrorized by militant homosexuals. Wake-up friends: fascism is here, alive and in control. 

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