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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Abandoning celibacy will not stop the homosexual priest-pedophiles abusing children

Jesuit dissenter, Thomas Reese is right about one thing: abandoning celibacy will not stop sexual abuse. Thomas Rosica, CSB, evidently supports Reese's thesis as to why it will not stop abuse.  However, Reese's thesis is dead wrong.  The cirsis is not one of celibacy, but one of sexual perversion. 

Reese tries  - as a homosexualist - to offer every ridiculous reason and solution, except the OBVIOUS ONE. Indeed the word "homosexual" does not appear even once in Reese's article. It is, as if homosexual abuse did not exist. 

Reese does not want to admit that the vast, vast majority of abusers are homosexual predators. The abuse problem  is a homo problem. In the US alone, the homosexual abusers have cost the Church over $4,000,000,000. Yes, over FOUR BILLION!!! All this money gone to waste - where it could have been used to build hospitals, help shut-ins, the elderly, etc. All this money stolen by filthy, dirty Judas-Priest pervert-abusers!

Fr. John O'Connor rightly pointed out years ago, homosexuality and pedophila go hand in hand. 

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