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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Pedophilia: its link to the ruling elite

Jacques Derrida, Simone de Bouvoir, Michel Foucault....

The list is endless of those prominent, self-styled "intellectuals" who make excuses for the sexual abuse of children. It is no coincidence that these same advocates for pedophilia are or were (if now deceased and have learnt the Truth) militant abortionists. At least they are consistent in their evil. 

In the United Kingdom, the "Campaign for Homosexual Equality", even suggested lowering the age to 12! Presently, most countries permit homosexual men to sodomize boys as young as 16 without any criminal charges being pressed. We also know that MI5 has played cover for the rich and powerful for years. Are we now going to be that naive that MI5, Scotland Yard - for that matter - the CIA has stopped playing cover? Yet these are the same "intelligence" agencies who tell us to trust them that Russia "meddled" in the US Presidential elections?   

The hunt for officers who protected child abusers comes after a growing body of evidence emerged to suggest that some of the most powerful people in Britain were aware of the systematic abuse of children and did nothing to stop it...One of the incidents centers on a luxury apartment block near Westminster where boys were allegedly taken to regular sex abuse parties attended by Members of Parliament.... One survivor claimed boys aged to 16 were raped and even murdered by politicians inside the complex.

As to the CIA, they are busy protecting pedophiles. Just consider what an ex-CIA operative tells us: 

Justin Trudeau "praying" between attending "gay pride" parades

In Canada, the Liberal government has lowered the age of consent for sodomy to 16 years. Nonetheless, we are told by a prominent priest that Justin Trudeau was "praying" in the Sistine Chapel (when the same PM was not attending numerous "gay pride" parades). 

Justin Trudeau promoting homosexuality 
In this atmosphere - where churchmen give only lip service to opposition to sodomy at best - if they are not clamouring to change the words of the Catechism to water down its intrinsic evilness - should we be surprised about priests and leading churchmen (including an Canadian ex-bishop and a Vatican diplomat) being ravenous pedophiles?

Carlo "The Pedophile" Capella
For the wrong motivations, actor and homosexual predator, Kevin Spacey admitted the truth: their is a link between homosexuality and pedophila. Secular homosexualist media were not amused by Spacey's admission. 

Kevin Spacey with two "young men" 

To conclude, from the Guardian: 
May 68 did not invent paedophilia, said Libération's editor Serge July. "The existing moral order was the enemy," he said. "The cultural revolution that followed May 68 was a social triumph in many, many ways. But its discourse on the sexuality of children has served to legitimise practices that are, at times, criminal."

Let us listen again to the words of Fr. John O'Connor warning us that pedophilia is built upon homosexuality.  

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