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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Adoration of the Two-by-Four: Blasphemy at St. John Vianney parish in Barrie, Ontario

Dear friends, 

I could not have been more horrified when, for the Adoration of the Cross, during the Good Friday service in the Novus Ordo rite, the priest at St. John Vianney's parish in Barrie Ontario, offered to us a two-by-four to adore, to venerate. I, for one, did not go up and kiss the two pieces of wood that were nailed together. 

This action of offering to us a couple of two-by-fours nailed together, instead of a Crucifix was utterly disgusting and a grave insult to Our Blessed Lord. 

Instead of a Crucifix, which would gradually be exposed for true veneration by the Faithful, where we would see the precious wounds that Our Lord suffered for our sins, and we could kiss them and meditate upon them - all we saw was what amounted to a nicely polished two-by-four. 

How can one be surprised anymore by anything? But it makes sense: they wish to deny sin, so why not deny that our Lord suffered for our sins? Why not hide his suffering and pain? After all, so it seems, today's modern "church" is about self-fulfillment, rather than self-denial. 


Anonymous said...

I was in the Church on Good Friday, where cross also have not been a TRUE CRUCIFIX, but stained and varnished wood. However, this parish is very poor and the mass still is in the Catholic School, because church is not build yet.

In my mind, I have justified this cross as an expression of their poverty, because I think that the proper, beautiful, big CRUCIFIX must cost a fortune. Should they rather used a small CRUCIFIX instead of the big wooden cross? Now I think so...

Vox Cantoris said...

The Toronto Traditional Mass Society worked extremely hard to provide the faithful with a Triduum according to the traditional rite. Why did you not make the effort to attend and support the work and avoid this blasphemy?

You chose to go to that parish.

Have you written or phoned Bishop Kirkpatrick? If not, why not?

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, they should have used a small Crucifix not a mathematical sign! Money is no excuse!

Joe Sales said...

I stand with Vox on this matter. Enough said.

Unknown said...

Is this a late April fool's joke? Did it really happen?