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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Mary Wagner: pro-life heroine free after spending over 4 months in maximum security

Photo: copyright 2016, Andrew Kumar (Goniec) 

Yesterday, at the Old City Hall Courts in downtown Toronto, Mary Wagner was convicted of mischief and probation violation. 

About 50 supporters turned up, many carrying white roses. Court resumed at 2:15 p.m. A letter written by a citizen to the court raising a point of order on abortion was dismissed by Judge Katrina Mulligan as "inappropriate".  The Crown Counsel displayed a sneer on her lips as she turned from her podium, where a copy of the letter lay. 

Probation Officer, Liana Mischianti, was recalled to the stand. The Crown claimed she had "...one outstanding issue...I wish to prove she was on probation". The Judge acknowledged that Miss Wagner was on probation. 

The trial concluded, the Crown Counsel, Tania Monteiro, made her submission. She wanted "maximum time". Mary had shown ".... flagrant disregard for the law... she knows exactly what she did at the abortion clinic... she did it intentionally...flagrantly...she deliberately seeks to break the law...she had deep convictions... these convictions aside... there are no reasons for breaking the law". 

The Crown droned on: "... there were other procedures...D and C... makes Miss Wagner's behaviour that much more tragic... Miss Wagner has no idea why women went there... women attend in the throes of grief". The Crown claimed Mary's actions were "...grossly aggravating... her actions and beliefs are affecting people". 

The Crown continued, "her behaviour has been condemned in previous courts... blatant disregard of court orders". She then compared Mary to Linda Gibbons, denouncing Linda being in "violation of the community... condemned". Mary was "...a zealot like Miss Gibbons... she will continue to violate the rights of others". 

The Crown then asked for six months as the only "appropriate length that is possible". With probation being "...three years at least". "This particular clinic is not her only target. There is no specific deterrence on Miss Wagner". 

Having concluded, the Judge intoned: "I am of the opinion that you have the time I can legally impose upon you... maximum sentence on this offense". The Judge continued that she "...did find your actions extremely selfish and narrow minded. You interfered with their lawful enjoyment of their property". 

The Judge spoke of "denunciation". The need to impose a massive sentence to "deter others; how important it is to obey the law... just because you have a personal moral code against the law. I place you on three years probation". 

Court adjourned at 3:20. Mary then attended Mass at St. Stephen's Chapel. 

It is important to take careful note of the warped mindset of the Judge and the Crown Counsel. These two individuals in placing the State as the supreme arbiter of morality - thought they no doubt would deny it - are actually professing fascist ideology. "...the Fascist conception of the State is all embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value.(Mussolini, The Doctrine of Fascism, 1932). 

Dear friends, though Mary is free, the killing of the unborn continues unabated in this country. Please keep our dear sister in your prayers and all her intentions. 


Kathleen1031 said...

The treatment of this woman and the aggressively anti-Christian attitude of Canada in general is the primary reason I will not visit Canada. O Canada, what has happened to you.

Lawrence and Susan Fox said...

"The Crown claimed Mary's actions were "...grossly aggravating... her actions and beliefs are affecting people". " Yipee! That was what we hoped for!

Ah. "The Judge continued ....You interfered with their lawful enjoyment of their property"." Yes, they were having so much fun committing murder.

God bless you. Susan Fox www.christsfaithfulwitness.com