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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Cardinal Burke is correct: Amoris Laetitia and the Papolatrists from the "Left" and "Right"

In 1965, Pope Paul VI wrote regarding the authority of Ecclesiam Suam: 

7. Nor do We propose to make this encyclical a solemn proclamation of Catholic doctrine or of moral or social principles. Our purpose is merely to send you a sincere message, as between brothers and members of a common family.

In 2016, Pope Francis wrote regarding the authority of Amoris Laetitia: 

3. Since "time is greater than space" I would make it clear that not all discussion of doctrinal, moral or pastoral issues need to be settled by interventions of the magisterium. 

Sad, but predictably in all of this, are the recent abhorrent attacks upon Cardinal Raymond Burke. Self-styled theologians, schismatics, and perhaps even de facto cult leaders are excoriating him because he has not taken the path of falling into schism himself. 

Please continue to pray for true men of the Church like Cardinal Burke, who will not, for any reason, rush off to some Synagogue of Satan. Truly the devil is laughing. 


Catholic Mission said...

Cardinal Burke accepts the liberal moral and faith teachings which have been changed with exceptions, so called known exceptions in the present times.


Jonah said...

The temple and its priesthood has failed many times in salvation history. We must be prepared for that. Only the family has persevered through all disasters. Our Savior Himself gave deference to St. Joseph; not any priest.