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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Pope, the Interview and Catechesis

“I am a sinner.”

So begins a fascinating interview with Pope Francis published on Sept. 19. The interview rocked the world, with some claiming the pope is a “flaming liberal” and will take the Church to the left, while orthodox Catholics feel betrayed.

Both sides are wrong. The interview has to be taken in the context of the relativistic world we inhabit. He was trying to give us a strategy for converting the world. He was not pulling back from our positions against abortion, birth control and gay marriage.

An excellent post by Susan Fox, as she reflects on catechesis and  the Papal Interview


Freyr said...

A very good article by someone with experience on the ground in evangelism. If you want to evangelize someone then a good beginning is not to scream in their face.

Susan Fox said...

Dear Barona, Thank you for publishing my article. The fact that you deemed it worthy honors me as I always want to be in union with the Church as you so obviously are here at Witness for Church and Pope. I did list a link to your blog on my blog under "Wonderful Pro-Life and Catholic Resources." But that block is lower on the page on the right under "posts." God bless you and your work here. Susan Fox