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Monday, 9 September 2013

SYRIA CRISIS: Save the Christian town of Maaloula!

Al-Monitor carries a sovbering analysis of the Al-Queda fighter invasion of Maaloula. 

Maaloula does not hold a strategic position in the equation of the currently ongoing armed conflict in the outskirts of Damascus, which is aimed at gaining control of the capital. This town enjoys a remarkable historical significance, however, as it stands witness to the tolerance of Syrian society and its “Eastern civilization” — which traces its roots back centuries.

Maaloula is a historical town that symbolizes the Christian presence in the Levant. To this day, its residents speak Aramaic — the language of Jesus Christ. For centuries, Maaloula has maintained its heritage and embodied the presence of Christianity in Syria, despite the predominant Islamic characteristics the country took on following the Islamic conquests in Syria in 636. During that time, the most important caliphate in the history of political Islam was established: the Umayyad Caliphate, which inaugurated the establishment of the Islamic state.

Maaloula not only symbolizes the fact that Muslim Syria is a land of tolerance and coexistence between religions, it also affirms the adage that says, "If Palestine is the cradle of the birth of Jesus Christ, Syria is the cradle of the birth of Christianity."

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