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Friday, 27 September 2013

GetReligion.com Gets Pope Francis

The people over at GetReligion.com always amaze me. It is a blog run by a journalist who has been on the religion beat for many years and has seen how badly the media generally does when covering religion stories. The title comes from the quote on their masthead "The press ... just doesn't get religion." They do one thing and do it supremely well. I noticed in the comments that the one person who tried to hijack the combox for a discussion of the issues was pointed back to the journalism discussion. 

This offering is as good an analysis of the press coverage in the wake of Pope Francis' interview as I have seen anywhere. I really have to wonder why it is so difficult for people to get Pope Francis? They had no problem at all.

Pope Francis on sin, confession and several other things

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Barona said...

Excellent post! Thank-you.