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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Are the Jesuits trying for a coup d'etat with the Papacy of Pope Francis?

Much more to come in following days on this issue, but I am gravely concerned that there seems to be a concerted and organized effort by certain elements within the Church to implement a malignant coup d'etat against the Papacy of Pope Francis. As will be shown in an upcoming post, there is no change- even in tone - from the papacy of Francis' revered predecessor. 

Enough, at this moment, to provide you with a link to commence your own reflections on what is transpiring. Beware: charitably, but firmly, this blog will excoriate and expose this activity. Much of it operates on mental reservation..... even a reasonably prominent American-born, Canadian priest in reference to a question on CNN about women's "ordination" replied at one point when being pressed by a frustrated Becky Anderson due to evasiveness:" this moment in history, ordination is not...". Admittedly, he was cut off by the reporter, due to a breaking story, but the phrase is now out there. What did he mean? Does he accept the Church's teaching, but, but... maybe at some time in the future....? Do we have some sort of mental reservation? 

From the "Jesuit Post": Women and Pope Francis 

The CNN transcript in full 

CNN's Becky Anderson in conversation with Fr. Thomas Rosica

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Susan Fox said...

Well, it certainly seems like they are trying to shape the Pope's message to suit their own ends. Gah, how many times does the pope have to definitively said no women in the priesthood before people will finally believe him. It's like the Fatima people who think the Blessed Mother's requests there were never done (Russia wasn't consecrated to her). It gets old. I just wish people would learn to obey the Church. God bless you. Susan Fox