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Friday, 6 September 2013

Scottish Death Wish: Contraceptive pills being devoured by the handful...

Sadly, Scotland continues her massive moral decline. A report carried in the Daily Record identifies a massive increase in birth control usage after the government decided to encourage the culture of death by handing out these very dangerous hormone-steroid cocktails to girls and young women. This is the price young girls have to pay to be "with it" as they submit themselves to the lustful desires of young Scottish boys and men... 

DEMAND for the morning after pill has more than quadrupled since it became available for free in Scotland, it emerged yesterday.
The Scottish Government scrapped charges for emergency contraception in 2008 in a bid to cut the number of teenage pregnancies.
Previously, the morning after pill was available free only if a woman got a prescription from a GP or a family planning clinic.
It could also be bought over the counter but pharmacists were allowed to opt out of providing it as a matter of conscience.
But despite the dramatic surge in demand since the morning after pill became more easily available, there has only been a small drop in the number of abortions in Scotland.
In 2007-08, pharmacists dispensed the pill 20,906 times, costing the taxpayer £140,112.
The next year, during which it became free on demand, 48,200 pills were issued.
But in 2009, the first full year it was available without a prescription, 94,925 were issued at a cost of about £525,000.
The most up-to-date figures show 95,208 pills were handed out in 2012-13.

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