Since faith is one, it must be professed in all its purity and integrity". Pope Francis/Pope Benedict

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Love our priests, pray for our priests

Dear friends, we have many times - sadly - had to comment on evil committed by priests and even bishops. I am writing to stress to you and to all , that we must re-double our love and devotion to holy priests. I have met many holy priests during my life. One of the holiest was Canon Taylor of Carfin. I was blessed to serve him at Mass. I saw him elevate! Are you shocked? Why? He was a man of God - beloved by Catholics and Protestants during a time of sectarianism. There is a beautiful story, and I believe it to be true, that Canon Taylor was found in his room in ecstasy, floating face to face with a Crucifix in his room; such was the holy priest's love for Our Lord. 

It will be the intercession of priests like Canon Taylor that will help purify Scotland of the scourge of the wicked "gay mafia" that has in infiltrated the priesthood. But be of good cheer, these evil men have had their  moment, and their moment was fleeting, though sin and wickedness abounded. May God, in His kindness bless and bring peace to all those abused by these servants of Satan. Let us not forget: it was in the 1930s that Stalin gave orders to the communists to return to their home countries and infiltrate the Church. These communists then recruited homosexuals into the seminary. By the 60s this latter group had gained a upper hand in many hierarchies and seminaries and were decimating the Church.These men are not "priests" - yes, they may have been ordained, but they are agents of Lucifer. They are the enemy of priests. 

I ask you to support in every way possible holy priests. I ask you to pray for them incessantly. I ask you to pray for Scotland - my Motherland - and Canada, my adopted land. May God grant us many holy priests. 

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