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Saturday, 28 September 2013


Peter Seewald: Is a new tone, a new sound needed in the handing on of the faith?

Cardinal Ratzinger:  Yes, I think so. The fact that there is so much weariness among Christians, at least in Europe, does show, that a new tone is needed. In this connection, I read the story of an orthodox priest who said: I have tried so hard, but the people simply don't listen to me, they go to sleep or simply don't come at all. So, something must be wrong with the delivery. That is an example of experiences that others have too. The important thing is that the preacher himself must have an inward relationship with Holy Scripture, with Christ, out of the Living Word, and that as a man of this time in which he lives and which is his, and from which he cannot escape, he inwardly assimilate the faith.  And then, when he can really speak the faith out of a personal depth, then the new tone will come entirely by itself. (p.261). 

Ratzinger, J. (1997). Salt of the earth. Ignatius Press, San Francisco, CA. 

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