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Thursday, 29 November 2018

St. Michael's College School considering partnership with pro-"LGBT-Q" Organization to make students "better men":

The scandal at St. Michael's College School continues to grow. The "Administration" ( the Basilians, the Board? a combination?). No one seems to know), has decided to "consider  a partnership" with the organization, NEXTGENMEN. But there is a huge problem, NEXTGENMEN is pro-"LGBT-Q"

The Catholic Church has all the answers to making men, real men. Apparently, the Administration thinks not, and is seeking advice from those who promote condoms, fornication, and homosexual activity. If you do not believe me, take five minutes are peruse their site. 

Please pray for the innocent boys who are the victims in all of this: crushed in the anvil of deception between nominal Catholic parents and wayward, dissenting Basilians/Board. 

As of this writing, and we are now well over two weeks into the crisis, the school Administration, the Board of Directors, and most disturbingly, the Basilian Fathers have yet to mention Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Dear parents. Please withdraw your sons from the school. This is not the school I attended in the 1980s. My school was not perfect - what school is? - but I was taught real doctrine, Catholic Truth. Your sons, dear parents are not being taught the Truth. You are the guardians of your son's souls, please act accordingly. 

Please let your concerns be know to: 

His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins: 

Phone: 416-934-0606, ext. 609
Email: archbishop@archtoronto.org

Basilians' spokesman: 

Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Phone: 416-879-5766
Email: trosica@basilian.org

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