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Saturday, 17 November 2018

St. Michael's College School Crisis Deepens: "BUGGER OFF", parent tells media!

"Bugger Off..." were the words of a "Catholic" parent to the Toronto media. Not very well chosen words at that, given that the crisis at the school involves homosexual buggery with a broom handle. 

St. Michael's College School is worried. And so it should be. The homosexual gang rape, and other emerging sexual assaults, and criminal acts are seriously tarnishing..... wait for it: the BRAND. 

No outrage that grave SIN was committed. NO outrage that our holy Catholic Faith was profaned, no outrage that parents were being sold a fake Catholic education. Seemingly, the parents have abdicated their responsibilities as their son's primary Catholic educators, and surrendered to the diktats of the Administration (controlled ultimately by the powerful and very wealthy Basilian Order). 

Once a Catholic school that emerged through the sheer guts and determination of poor, Faith-filled Irish immigrants (often persecuted by the Orange Order and an anti-Catholicism that dominated Toronto), St. Mike's has betrayed the Faith and deformed itself into a school for rich, nominally Catholic families. 

We have had a number of "official" statements from St. Mike's, including one by Fr. Thomas Rosica, whom the Basilians have selected as their media spokesman. So far, the statements have been secular, "lawyered up" (pro bono ?), and avoiding the real issues. 

Here are just a few questions that alumni, such as myself, have, and expect Fr. Rosica to answer: 

Is the young man who was the victim of the homosexual gang rape, hospitalized? 

Is he still in hospital? 

Has the object that was used to rape the young man been handed over to police for the collection of DNA evidence?

Was evidence destroyed, tampered with?

If evidence was destroyed, by whom? 

Why did no parent come forward during the time of the release of the video and the informing of the Administration on Monday, November, 12, 2018? 

Why did the Administration violate the law, by not immediately informing police, but waited 48 hours to attempt a cover-up? 

When will the ENTIRE Board of Directors resign? 


Why has the Administration not spoken about SIN? 

Why has not ONE WORD been mentioned about how this GREAT EVIL is an attack on Jesus Christ and a profanation of Catholic education? 

Why has the Administration not offered any words of comfort, or any thoughts towards the young man and his family? 

Why is Fr. Rosica speaking about "serious incidents", "events", and a "very sad situation", but not of EVIL and SIN?

Why has Fr. Rosica NO words for the victim and his family? 

One final word. 

The Toronto media is doing a wonderful job! Keep going! Keep pushing! Keep at them! Don't let them off! Expose them! 

Fr. Rosica can be reached at: 

Father Thomas Rosica, CSB
Phone: 416-879-5766
Email: trosica@basilian.org


Everyday For Life Canada said...

What should be very troubling to parents is the fact that nobody from the administration has had the courage to come out publicly to comdemn what has happened. Yes, they have issued a statement. But there's no name attached to it. Is this the Catholic way? Do we hide from evil or go in denial mode? The school administrators should have held a proper press conference and respectfully tried to address and apologize for the problem. They are ones that should have contacted the police. What about the victims and their families? What good is an unsigned generic statement? Tell me why I don't trust the board members or the administration? Remember also that the private and independent schools were silent as the Katheen Wynne government passed the radical sex-curriculum in the province. Private doesn't mean immunity from immorality. Parents must realize that you can't hide from a hypersexualized society no matter what you pay in tuition. There is no substitute for parental inovolment that looks at education as a public good. Private schools make for a good business.

Anonymous said...

The Basilians will need a more more talented spokesman to explain how this neo-Marxist, effeminate ideology is in any way real Catholicism:



Anonymous said...

No I don't believe that the media is doing a good job they haven't mentioned anything about homosexuality most people who listen to the news as to what they're saying think that it happened to a woman