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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Vox Cantoris is "not of the body"? Are you ?

You're not!! You're NOT of the body!!!
The forces of fascism are ever encroaching. Those who are "not of the body" will be denounced, silenced, and even eliminated as "traitors". 

The Vox has been denounced by an anonymous source (fascists are always anonymous, unless backed up by huge force) and silenced on Twitter. 

The Vox, apparently, is not of the "body"; he was not "one" with the forces of Darkness. 

Will you be "one" with Darkness? 

Will you be devoted to "peace, tranquility, and contentment"?

Or, are you, like The Vox, a "traitor"?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Twitter is a waste of time -- as is most of the internet. Simply getting everyone ready to be micro-chipped -- no response will be possible but have the masters indoctrinating propaganda in our ear at every moment of the day and night like they already do in communist countries as much as possible.