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Monday, 12 November 2018

"GOD, HONOUR and the FATHERLAND" ~ 200,000 Poles mark Poland's Independence

November 11, 2018 marked 100 years that the Polish State was reborn from the ashes of World War One, after nearly 130 years of partition. 

Yesterday saw a massive Military Parade to mark the event, and then the March of Independence, which saw over 200,000 Poles, singing patriotic songs, hymns, praying, and carrying National Flags, all under the traditional "God, Honour and the Fatherland". 

Sadly, the erstwhile enemies of Christ and Poland were busy trying to stir up lies and propaganda in the western media. "Fascist.... Nazi" were the not so subtle insults hurled at Poland by those who desire nothing more than to destroy any remnants of Catholic Poland. The hatred, the lies was palpable. 

Polish AK, World War Two Veteran addressing 100,000
at the 2017 March of Independence

Why the hatred of Poland? A World War Two Veteran from the AK (smeared in the vile, western media as "Nazis"), addressing over 100,000 at last year's March, reveals the reason behind the pathological hatred:  

"I have a great suggestion that the noise of cosmopolitanism, globalism under banner of the golden calf; the claim that it can bring us freedom is the promotion of an error. We must oppose this. Only the Polish Republic will bring us independence and freedom. I also wish to add to this, that the Polish people; Poland, always was united with the influence of the Latin culture, and the base of this culture is the Roman Catholic Church....the result is that the idea of this March is very practical. Let us fight for a national Poland that is strong and will not bend to anyone; neither the west the east. May great Poland live!"

Friends, Poland is hated, 
because Poland struggles to remain faithful to Christ.  


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