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Friday, 14 September 2018

Fr. John O'Connor: "Pedophilia is essentially the same as homosexuality"

Fr. John O'Connor of Chicago.
This holy priest was driven out of his Order by militant homosexuals  

Some of you may have seen the video of an evil, old priest, claiming that masturbating boys is a "joke". This evil priest even boasts of having to sodomize a boy at least once. 

Friends, this is what we are dealing with. These infiltrators are the successors of Judas.

For those of you with the strength, visit Vox Cantoris to watch the video. Please offer a prayer for the victims of these agents of the devil. As I wrote earlier, Satan loves to attack the Innocent. He takes great delight in the abuse of children. He takes even greater delight if he can enable a man, sacramentally ordained to the Sacred Priesthood to commit the abuse. 

Years ago, Fr.John O'Connor, who was born in Chicago, educated by the Dominicans, warned us that homosexuality was essentially the same as pedophilia child abuse. No one listened to him 30 years ago. Not only was he ignored, he was actively persecuted and expelled from his Order. His appeal to Rome in the 1990s fell flat. As Fr. O' Connor put it: "there were too many homosexuals in the Vatican..." 

Bluntly put, pedophilia and homosexuality are forms of mutual masturbation. Pedophilia is merely the use of a legally underage person - sometime prepubescent - to masturbate the abuser. Thus we have homosexual militants pushing to lower the age of consent. In France, a number of decades ago, so-called darlings of the universities, such as Michel Foucault, called for the lowering of the age of consent. Pedophilia has grown in leaps and bounds since the early 70s.  

Never, EVER forget that we have good,
holy priests who need our love and support!

Let us not be fooled. Over 80% of the sexual crimes committed by clergy are acts of homosexuality. These are infiltrators. These are enemies of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.  

Pray for the Church. Remember also, that Our Lord is in TOTAL CONTROL of HIS CHURCH. It is HIS Church. Not mine, not yours, not your pastor's, nor the Pope's. The Church belongs to Christ, which He bought with His Blood on the Cross. The gates of Hell will not prevail. Please pray, do sacrifice. For these evil men too - hard as it is - pray they repent, confess before it is too late and they join Judas, whom they are imitating in Hell. 

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