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Friday, 28 September 2018

St. Vincent de Paul ~ let everything be done in charity

A most blessed Feast of St. Vincent de Paul to all readers

"We shall continue our work and exclude there from everything which savours of politics. For we are joined together to do good to the poor and to ourselves by improving our heart and spirit. 

Now politics, which can make many tears flow, but cannot dry one up. 

Let politics, then, be ever banished from our meetings. 

As long as God will in his mercy keep that incessant cause of discord from our midst, so long will the Society of St. Vincent de Paul prosper and the poor and unhappy bless us. 

On the other hand, on that day on which one word of politics will be heard amongst us, on that day will the morsel of bread which we give to the poor be turned into stone and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul destroyed". 

(Circular Letter of M. Gossin, President-General, 15 August, 1844)

The Manual of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. 21st Edition, 1964. 
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