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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Cardinal Zen calls on Vatican Secretary of State to resign for "an incredible betrayal"

This morning, September 22, 2018, Reuters is reporting that the Vatican City State has indeed signed a secret Accord with the People's Republic of China. 

H. E. Joseph Cardinal Zen, in an interview last week with Reuters, called for the resignation of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, who had been the lead negotiator for the Holy See.

Cardinal Zen stopped short, according to Reuters, for calling for the resignation of the Pope. 

From Reuters:  
“They’re giving the flock into the mouths of the wolves. It’s an incredible betrayal,” he said.

He described Parolin, the highest ranking diplomat in the Vatican, as someone who despised heroes of faith.

“He should resign,” Zen told Reuters at his home on a wooded hillside on Hong Kong island.

“I don’t think he has faith. He is just a good diplomat in a very secular, mundane meaning.”
“It’s a complete surrender. It’s a betrayal (of our faith). I have no other words, said Zen.  

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