Tuesday, 6 February 2018

What will it take for the Catholic Church to excommunicate Justin Trudeau?

The following is a very recent video clip from a "town hall" meeting held by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin "Gay-Boy" Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau has been well known for years as a militant proponent of abortion, the "LGBT...XYZ" agenda, euthanasia, feminism, and other evils. Trudeau even established a $650,000,000 fund to pay for abortions in the third world.

Yet these evil actions have gone unopposed by churchmen. 

The Archbishop of Montreal, where Trudeau resides, has taken NO canonical action, though Canon Law requires him to do so. Likewise, the Archbishop of Ottawa - where Trudeau resides in a second official home on the grounds of Rideau Hall - has taken no action, though Canon Law likewise requires him to do so.

Just last year, Justin Trudeau received Holy Communion in Ottawa, though Trudeau had not recanted his grave sins, but rather  had actually doubled-down on promoting abortion, homosexuality etc. It is understood that "Gay-Boy" defied Canada's bishops, who asked him not to receive. "Gay-Boy" evidently was not intimidated by these weak and cowardly men and presented himself for Holy Communion. Evidently the bishops fear "Gay-Boy" more than they fear Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

It was only a few weeks ago, when the Government required organizations applying for tax-payer money to sign off on a memo  approving of abortion, homosexuality, etc. that a group of "religious leaders" got together to ask that Trudeau reconsider. Two things: 1) the "religious leaders" DID NOT mention homosexuality as an issue for contention (implying that they did not have a problem with that part); 2) a few hinted that abortion may be a bit of a problem, but there was no REAL opposition even here. No, it was ALL about MONEY! 

Let us now look at a prominent priest as an example of a churchman in failing to call out Trudeau when he should have done so. 

Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, having tweeted very favourably of Trudeau for several years, suddenly turned on the PM. In fact, the tweeting at times seemed akin to being pro-Trudeau propaganda. Rosica even claimed the following:

"At Christmas we are taught where to find God...and we can find Him in the bold, courageous leadership of a young Prime Minister..." [Original source]

Suddenly, Fr. Rosica reverses gears (well, to a degree), and chides Trudeau. Yet,  even now, Fr. Rosica seemed to be pleading with Trudeau to become a good Liberal. Just what Fr. Rosica's actual connections to the Liberal Party is, should be explained. We know that Rosica addressed the Liberal Party of Ontario in 2011. Now, we would be naive to believe that his selection happened by mere chance. No, things do not just happen like that. Tom Rosica is a very well connected priest who has many powerful and monied connections in Toronto, and beyond.

How long will we have to wait for Fr. Rosica to excoriate Trudeau for promoting homosexuality, for his huge, tax-payer funded mass murder plan for brown, black and yellow babies? 

How long will we have to wait for Fr. Rosica, as the Vatican Spokesman to denounce Trudeau for attending gay pride parades? Even worse: for dragging his innocent children along with him and expose his little son to a mentally sick homosexual dressed up in drag? This used to be known as the corruption of minors, for which one would go to prison. Evidently, not any more. Now, the corruption of the innocent is seen as "diversity", "equality", "inclusivity".... Pure, unadulterated fascism. 

Catholic bishops, stand up!

Do your duty!


Ana Milan said...

There will be no excommunications from this Marxist papacy for those following their NWO LGBTQI Masonic Marxist agenda. Only insults for orthodox Catholics whom they call rigid, hard-hearted, self absorbed Promethean neo-Pelagians, Coprophagists. Pharisees. This Apostasy must end before we can begin to call Rome & its Episcopates Catholic again.

M. Prodigal said...

What will it take? Well a bishop who is a true man of God to begin with but then he will suffer the consequences of his faithfulness so he must be prepared to stand up for Truth, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you stand up in your pew and ask this question? Better yet, why don't you go to the mass of one of your Canadian bishops and ask this question? See if the police are called and you are carried out. See if your fellow pew sitters shout you down. Just try it. What are you afraid of--finding out Trudeau is whom the bishops and your fellow congregants agree w/? Do you think asking a question on a blog/writing a post absolves you of your duty as a Catholic? Why didn't your old dominican do what you do? Grumble in private. Write a blog but say nothing in the assembly. Does anyone in your church (like the little kids w/their parents; the teenagers being corrupted by trudeau and these silent priests and bishops) know your position? Make a mess like Francis says. Let them know what Catholic stands for. Make a stink big enough to get your name in the paper. Big enough to get it written in the book of your life. Be a martyr for the faith like your old dominican.

Unknown said...

And what makes you think that he didn't do anything of that?